Williams goes all blue with its 2022 F1

Williams Racing has unveiled a revised livery on its 2022 F1 machine – the FW44 – as the new-era car was shown off at an online launch.

Williams have become the sixth F1 team to unveil their F1 2022 livery aboard the FW44 which is different to the one they used in 2021. The Duracell partnership hinted at a revised scheme and the online launch has it show.

Traditional white is outside the car, with blue taking center stage – both a dark and light shade, as seen in the racing suits of Alexander Albon and Nicholas Latifi. There’s also a hint of red striping on the car, presumably for Duracell’s corporate color.

Unlike the other Mercedes Aston Martin powered car, which sports cooling vents on the side deck, Williams does not have it like other released cars. It largely resembles the Silverstone show car, which could imply that they went the Red Bull way.

The team have planned a day of filming in Barcelona on February 26, but apparently they also had a run at Silverstone – details of which have not been released officially. “During its history as an iconic Formula 1 team, Williams Racing has shown great strength and sophistication,” said Jost Capito.

“The new visual identity of the 2022 car perfectly encapsulates these characteristics that staff, drivers and fans have demonstrated time and time again. As we enter the new era of our sport, the FW44 highlights the transition to the future, while recognizing the timeless qualities that make us who we are.

“Last season we were delighted and proud to have made such good progress as a team, with a number of well-deserved results in addition to a podium finish. Looking ahead, we want to build on this success. , and the FW44 perfectly embodies these ambitions to get back to the front of the grid. I look forward to seeing this progression with Nicholas and Alex at the helm.

Of the drivers, Latifi said: “I’m a fan of the new livery. Keeping the blue was important because it’s synonymous with Williams Racing, but it’s a design we’ve never seen before and the fluorescent red will show up on the track, which I really like. It’s a new look to start the new era of F1. I’m super excited for testing in Barcelona, ​​to get back behind the wheel, push and see what the car can do.

“Pre-season always seems quite long, but it’s been very busy and there’s been a nice build-up at the factory with a lot of hard work from everyone. The new regulations should make for a good best races, so I’m excited to take on the challenge and we’ll be aiming to gather some good data in testing, to get us into the first few races.

And his new teammate Albon added: “The FW44 livery is clean and simple. I like that we went with more blue with the dynamic diamond finish and a bit of red; it looks really good and I can’t wait to see it on track. Barcelona’s next track session will be about making sure we’re efficient with our time to best ensure we have a competitive package for the season.

“We don’t have many days until our first race so we need to quickly understand what the strengths of the car are and where we need to make improvements. I’m sure it will be a bit of a learning curve as we’re all trying to learn how to get the most out of the new regulations but the goals and how we focus on this car is pretty much the same as in previous years. At the end of the day, we’re all still trying to get a race car down a track as quickly as possible. »

Williams Racing FW44 – 2022 Car Launch, Tuesday 15th February 2022, Grove, UK
Williams Racing FW44 – 2022 Car Launch, Tuesday 15th February 2022, Grove, UK

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