Why is my Instagram feed different? This photo and video test is important

If you start seeing larger photos and videos on your Instagram feed in the coming weeks, don’t worry, it’s not an app issue. Instagram manager Adam Mosseri took to his account on May 3 to announce the feed change. If you’re wondering why your Instagram feed is different, this photo and video test explains it all. Here’s what you need to know about large photos and videos.

In the May 3 reel posted to his personal account, Mosseri shared that Instagram is launching a new feed test that increases the size of images and videos to use more space on your screen. According to Mosseri, the test, which you’ll see in your home feed, will start rolling out to select users this week and will run through mid-May 2022. As for the inspiration behind the change, Mosseri shared that implementing higher images and videos are the company’s way of making the Instagram experience even more immersive. If you’re part of the test, your feed content will appear larger than it used to be to accommodate a mobile-centric world.

Mosseri shared an example in the video, and you can see while scrolling that the images and videos look more rectangular, which makes sense because they use a 9:16 ratio, which is meant for tall videos and images. Instagram’s old default format was a 1:1 square ratio, with sizes up to 4:5.

The reviews in the comments are mixed as of May 6, but if you’re part of the test, you can check it out and see for yourself if you like the oversized stream.

Bigger content in the feed isn’t the only change your feed has seen in 2022. After testing three new specialty feed options earlier this year, Instagram officially rolled out the Followed and Favorites feeds in March 2022. to allow users to personalize their content. and to show their IG streams in chronological order again.

That same month, Meta also launched auto-generated captions for in-feed videos to finally make video content more accessible to everyone. Even your DMs got a makeover this year, when Instagram launched new features that let users share music through two streaming services, create private polls for your group chats, and more. Needless to say, Mosseri has been a busy man in 2022.

If you don’t see the larger photos and videos on your feed, make sure you’re on the Home feed and not the Following or Favorites feed to check if you’re in the test. To return to the home stream, simply tap the arrow next to the “Next” or “Favorites” logo at the top of the screen. It’s unclear how long it will take for the test to fully roll out, so if you still don’t see it on your home feed, keep checking the app often for any changes.

Jack C. Nugent