Wahab slams Imran for showing up at Sukkur ‘only for a photo shoot’

KARACHI: KMC administrator, lawyer Murtaza Wahab harshly criticized former prime minister Imran Khan on Tuesday and said he only came to Sukkur for a photo op.

“The people of Sukkur asked why he came after a month,” he told a press conference in the Sindh Assembly committee room. He said Imran Khan had nothing to do with the Pakistani people.

Wahab said rainwater from Balochistan and Khyber Pakhtunkwa was mixing with rainwater that was already flowing in rivers in Sindh and causing flooding. He said living nations face difficult situations with patience. “The destruction caused by floods and rains is a big challenge for the government of Sindh. Efforts are being made to begin rehabilitation work in six weeks. In the current situation, the World Bank should waive Pakistan’s debt,” he said.

Wahab said that over the past two months, the rainfall situation in Sindh has been a challenge as there were eight places with the highest rainfall recorded in Pakistan, one of which included Nowshehro Feroze.

He said there had been record rainfall in many other areas. Rainwater drainage, he said, had become a challenge. Managing the water entering Sindh rivers from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa was a huge challenge for the provincial government. He explained that the ability of rivers to take water in Sindh has been affected.

The challenge, he pointed out, is growing as through another river, rainwater flows from Balochistan where it also rained heavily. Rainwater from Balochistan, he said, also floods rivers in Sindh.

He said the Pakistan People’s Party leadership was on the ground but their work was not visible to the blind. mixing with water from other provinces on its way.

The KMC administrator said the provincial government was still able to rescue Dadu and Juhi. “I pay tribute to all the officers who have done a good job in difficult times,” he added. He said 140,000 tents had been distributed and another 21,000 would be donated.

Wahab said the government would use the development funds for the rehabilitation works. He said 180,000 ration bags had been distributed, while four children born in the relief camp were given medical facilities. He said living nations are coping well with difficult times. He added that Pakistani army soldiers were also on duty. In response to a question, Wahab said they would ask the World Bank to forgo loans from Pakistan due to the current calamitous flood situation.

Jack C. Nugent