UNF installs new photo-op sculpture near Student Union – UNF Spinnaker

Students at the University of North Florida (UNF) had a surprise on Monday; a brand new sculpture has been installed at the sidewalk intersection between Building 57, Tom and Betty Petway Hall and the Coxwell Amphitheater. Located very close to the Student Union, students quickly realized what a great photo opportunity this new sculpture provided. But where does it come from? Is it final?

The new sculpture, which is essentially just the abbreviation “UNF”. Photo by Nathan Turoff

The carving itself is relatively simple in that it is just the dark blue initials UNF, as seen in the monogram of the running UNF logo. Unlike most other fixed sculptures on the campusthere is no plaque or information regarding its origins or purpose at the time of writing. There was evidence of landscaping work to accompany the sculpture, but nothing else.

A tree appears to have been felled to make way for the sculpture, photo by Nathan Turoff

Spinnaker contacted the UNF, which provided this statement:

“The idea for the new giant UNF letters originated in early 2020 as planning for the 50th anniversary began. The artwork is intended to create a permanent outdoor space for a recognizable photo op on campus. The project was funded through the generosity of over 650 individual donors who contributed to the 50th anniversary celebration.

Built at the end of last week, the sculpture had been in the works for some time, as evidenced by the many donations made. It serves the purpose of a great photo spot for families on tour, new grads, etc. Students should expect its presence for the foreseeable future.


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Jack C. Nugent