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About 9 Best Photo Collage Apps in 2022

After reviewing a number of options, our pick for the best photo collage apps is Pic Collage. Compatible with Android and iOS devices, it offers dozens of templates, patterns, backgrounds and grids from which you can make your photo collage and allows you to easily share your creation on social networking sites. Pic Collage has an intuitive design that lets you quickly start a project or get inspiration from pre-made templates in a variety of categories and genres. The program also has a full set of photo editing tools that you can use to edit any image to your liking. Like most of the best photo collage apps, Pic Collage is free, but if you want to remove ads and have access to additional features, layouts, stickers, etc., you’ll need to purchase a subscription, which costs $4.99 per month or $35 per month. anus.

So if you’re willing to pay for it, we recommend checking out some of the cheaper options on our list, like Diptic, which costs $2.99 ​​one time, or Moldiv, which is free but costs $14.99. . to access. all features. The best photo collage apps give you a fun way to share all those many photos you have stored on your smartphone. Whether you want to share them with family and friends, post them on a social media platform, or turn them into cards or posters, the best photo collage apps will take your photos to the next level by allowing you to add video clips, animations and text, music, etc. . There are dozens of photo collage apps for Android and iOS devices, each with their own features and prices.

Here is the list of best photo collage apps

Install size editor

It combines the power of photo collages, video collages and beautiful text captions in one powerful platform. Instasize is the best online collage maker and comprehensive mobile photo editing app with a generous collection of filters, frames, collage layouts and text styles, plus professional editing tools and resizing features . With the free version for iOS, you also have access to beauty tools that let you touch up acne or adjust your tan, and you have access to a library of free images to use along with your own.

And that’s just the basic account! If you sign up for a premium subscription for $4.99/month, you’ll get a full editing package with premium filters, frame and text styles, advanced beauty tools, and more. The app regularly updates its arsenal of creative tools, so you can always work with the latest trends. Whether you’re looking for a minimalist look, a timeless movie look, or one of the latest trends, Instasize has the right editing tools for you.


Instagram created Layout and it deserves the first mention among free photo collage maker apps because of its brand value and the fact that it is very easy to use. Layout was developed as an auxiliary tool for Instagram, which itself can be called the largest online gallery in the world. This free photo collage maker has some features that make it easier to understand and use.


Canva is ideal for digital marketers, website developers, and anyone who wants to create professional designs quickly and seamlessly. Canva is a web app for designing, but the app is great too. It is easy to use and has a great UX quotient, with a one-touch post option for Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. It offers custom dimensions to work with and has many editing options that are ideal for creating collages.

adobe sparkle

Although it is not the main function of the application, the collages are well developed and allow the user to have the full experience of creating them. Adobe has a reputation for developing serious and professional software products for creatives, but the company has ensured that this product is remarkably easy to understand and use.

That’s why it’s also the best free collage app for beginners. With its help, you can create a professional-looking collage that will bring anything you can think of to life with your creativity. A great addition is the video editing feature, which has basic tools including adding subtitles and music. Spark is one of the best photo and video collage apps and is often used to create and enhance Insta-Stories.


PicStitch isn’t the only photo collage maker that lets you add videos, but it stands out for its variety of video editing options. You can add music to these videos and trim them as well. Like other photo collage apps, it provides you with essential tools like frames, layouts, and templates. There are also stickers and dynamic text options to complement it all.

Icons8 Photo Creator

Icons8 Photo Creator is a universal online editor with a database of over 1,000,000 photos. To create collages, you can choose the highest quality ready-made templates or objects. You can also use your own images while working on a free canvas. To quickly find the items you need, an AI search has been added at the top.

You don’t need to enter the full name, just enter a keyword or search for a specific type of food, shoes, etc. You can replace the background by selecting one of over 100,000 options with a single click, as well as add labels by setting the font, size, and color.


Fotojet is the perfect online photo collage app for every need. Do you need to create a cover for YouTube? Do you need to edit photos on Instagram or Facebook? A magazine cover? With this simple application, you will be able to create professional collages quickly and easily. Although the editing results are very professional, this photo collage app is for beginners. For this, FotoJet has more than a hundred collage templates that will help you quickly and artistically organize anything you want.

PicsArt Photo & Collage Maker

With over 500 million users already using this free collage maker app, and the fact that it still has a 4.7 out of 5 rating on the official Apple Store says a lot about this app. It’s a robust and versatile app for all your collage making needs. It has a history feature that saves all your previous work so you can restore it whenever you want. Sounds better, right? Other than that, there are lots of free templates, stickers, and other graphic options that you can use to create aesthetic collages.


Unlike other photo collage apps, Moldiv recognizes the value of every shot. This gives you the opportunity to edit the images individually before adjusting other important components. Once you’ve made all the necessary improvements, you can browse endless catalogs of image arrangements and frames.

Images can be given a makeover with settings to adjust exposure, intensity and color tones, dimensions, and more. The images can be those from the gallery of the device or those recently created in the application and benefit from beautification algorithms to improve the face, skin and eyes. Like many good photo collage apps, Moldiv sells additional tools for a low price of $2 to $7 each or $12 for the entire collection.

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