Tom Hardy Updates ‘Venom 3’ Progress With Script Photo – Deadline

Venom Franchise star Tom Hardy took to Instagram on Thursday and shared the cover page of what appears to be a script for Venom 3. While the image doesn’t reveal the sequel’s name, the title should be a black box containing a crude illustration of the Symbiote with a long red tongue sticking out of its fanged mouth.

The tongue red may not only be anatomically correct, it may also hint at what many fans have been hoping for: a crossover movie with Spider-Man dressed in red. Some have also speculated that the “tongue” appears to end “in the form of the letter ‘s”, potentially again hinting at a Spider-Man crossover.

Either way, the image appears to confirm that Hardy will be working with writer Kelly Marcel on the story again, with Marcel penning the screenplay. The duo filled the same roles on Venom 2, which grossed $502 million worldwide amid a pandemic last year. The two were also producers of this film.

Venom 3 was first announced at CinemaCon in April when Sony offered the briefest of teases in its actual sizzle by flashing the pic’s logo.

The Venom franchise has grossed around $1.4 billion at the global box office to date, making a third installment a pretty good bet.

Jack C. Nugent