Tiffany and Ronald fuel reunion rumors with cuddly photo

It looks like Tiffany Franco and Ronald Smith have gotten back together. The 90 Day Fiancé star posted a loving photo with her baby daddy on Instagram.

Tiffany Franco from 90 day fiance posted a romantic photo with her husband, Ronald Smith, which sparked reunion rumours. The pair made their debut on 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way in 2019 and got married towards the end of the season. Just nine months later, the duo welcomed their daughter, Carley Rose. Like many other reality TV couples, Tiffany and Ronald’s marriage was far from perfect. For one thing, the South African native claimed that his wife never applied for her spousal visa to come to the United States. On the other hand, Tiffany claimed that Ronald failed her in many ways and was an irresponsible father and husband.


Still, the couple tried to work on their marriage and claimed they were in love. But Ronald shocked 90 day fiance fans in November 2021 when he introduced his new girlfriend, Lauren Fraser. Tiffany was hurt that the father of her baby was moving too quickly with a new woman, and she decided to seek therapy. A month later, Ronald confirmed his divorce from Tiffany and praised his new girlfriend on social media.

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just when 90 day fiance viewers thought Tiffany and Ronald were done for good, a new cuddly photo of the couple has surfaced online. The Maryland resident posted a screenshot of her Face Time video with Ronald in which he sleeps. The image suggests that Tiffany and Ronald reconciled and tried to follow their marriage from a distance using video calls. Since Tiffany and Ronald appear to be sleeping in the photo, it’s unclear who actually took the screenshot.

Tiffany Franco-Ronald Smith-Reunion-90 Day Fiancé

Since Tiffany has always been keen to smooth things over with Ronald, it’s possible she took the picture to announce to the 90 day fiance community that she is back with her husband. It’s not the first time that 90 day fiance mom claimed she had reconciled with Ronald. In January 2022, she informed a media outlet that she and her foreign husband were working on their relationship. However, Ronald quickly dismissed her claims and continued posting happy videos with his English girlfriend.

However, it seems that this time the couple have gotten back together. Ronald deleted Lauren’s videos and photos from his Instagram grid, and his biography still lists him as a father of two. Since the couple’s daughter wasn’t in the screenshot, it doesn’t look like it was just a scheduled phone call between two co-parents. Even though Ronald’s visa issues have a negative impact on his marriage to Tiffany, 90 day fiance viewers can always assume the couple are back together.

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