This 3-in-1 photo editing pack is every photographer’s dream, and it’s 74% off

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There’s no denying that you have a good eye for taking great photos, whether on your phone or a fancy DSLR camera. But if you don’t have the right editing software handy, your photos may really be missing that extra something they need to really make an impression. But with so much editing software, it’s easy to get overwhelmed.

If you can’t decide which program to use to edit your photos, this 3-in-1 editing software bundle has everything you need. Complete with HDR Darkroom 3, Beautune and Photo Effect Studio Pro, you’ll have all the top-notch editing tools you need, allowing you to retouch, add effects and apply filters to content in your heart. And the best part? All three are heavily discounted to just $49.99 instead of $200.

With a slew of five-star reviews, HDR Darkroom puts 16 HDR styles at your fingertips, giving you more creative range than ever. You’ll have the opportunity to explore real-time processing, alignment correction, local and global tone mapping, and more. It even includes a camera RAW file converter that supports files from over 150 different camera models.

This epic bundle also gives you access to Beautune, your one-stop-shop for everything you need to perfect and edit your photos. Whether you want an instant makeover for your latest Insta selfie or need to smooth out features for some professional portraits, Beautune has all the expert tools to subtly but effectively alter facial features.

And the last of the lot is the best Photo Effect Studio Pro, which offers you nearly 100 advanced photo effects developed by professional photographers and graphic designers. From its user-friendly interface to its sophisticated frame options and customizable thumbnails, there’s a reason professional and novice photographers alike rely heavily on this editing software.

The Everimaging 3-in-1 Photographer’s Bundle for Windows is 74% off, making it just $49.99.

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Jack C. Nugent