The Wisconsin home’s listing includes a photo of a risque sign in the bedroom: ‘I…didn’t notice it’

(NEXSTAR) – Poundtown… Maybe it’s a suburb of Milwaukee?

A real estate ad in Wisconsin is going viral on social media thanks to a risque sign hanging above the headboard in one of the bedrooms – a sign that declares the area “Poundtown”.

“When I originally listed it, I just didn’t notice it, really,” said Spencer Hegenbarth, the RE/MAX agent representing the property. “They have a lot of signs in their house.”

Hegenbarth is not exaggerating. The owners of the Onalaska home hung decorative signs in nearly every corner of every room, from signs that read “EAT” and “Pantry” in the kitchen, to signs that read “brush & floss” or “please seat yourself” in the bathrooms.

Hegenbarth said he didn’t realize the riskiest sign in the house – ‘Welcome to Poundtown’, in the bedroom – until a ‘whole bunch of people’ started shouting. message him after the ad goes live on Friday.

“I had some fun conversations,” he told Nexstar.

Listing agent Spencer Hegenbarth said he didn’t really notice the sign until other people contacted him and made him aware. (Spencer Hegenbarth)

The internet also had a field day, particularly after Hegenbarth’s roster was featured on popular social media accounts Zillow Gone Wild.

“It was so scenic until we got to the bedroom,” one user wrote.

“My kind of house!” another joked.

Hegenbarth also revealed that the house was actually owned by his brother and sister-in-law, with the latter running a sign business next door. The “Poundtown” sign is actually an offer from their “after hours” line, according to Hegenbarth.

“They have a great sense of humor,” Hegenbarth said.

He also wasn’t surprised when the house was put under contract after just a few days on the market. After all, he’s seen buyers overlook much wilder decor items.

“I see a lot of weird things in houses,” Hegenbarth told Nexstar. “Sexual constraints, swings in the bedrooms. I’ve seen boudoir pictures…I didn’t think so [this one] was something crazy.

Jack C. Nugent