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    A day of outdoor adventure at Meadow Mountain Ranch, GSCO’s 200 acre wilderness property near Allenspark was the “Fall Frolic”.

Girl Scouting is alive and well in Estes Park and this article and photos are featured to showcase recent events and future plans for our two troops. Our membership has more than doubled in the past year, and we now have 2 multi-level troops with girls from Kindergarten to Grade 8. girls in grades 4-8 broaden their horizons. More importantly, there is still room in both troops for more members. If you would like to join in at any time, you can contact Recruitment Specialist Erin Cook at [email protected] Adults are also encouraged to join supportive positions or as members of the leadership team.


The fall produce sale gives the girls a chance to earn money for their troop activities as well as earn ‘cookie credits’ which can be used for events such as camps, trips, explorations. in various worlds. Selling fall produce gives girls experience with the digital workings of storefronts and avatars and is a good practice for entrepreneurial experiences involved in the upcoming cookie sale. About 95% of all sales this year were made online and this year’s good profits are helping fundraising efforts.


A day of outdoor adventure at Meadow Mountain Ranch, GSCO’s 200 acre wilderness property near Allenspark was the “Fall Frolic”. Nature Director Penny Roberts helped the girls explore the colors, history and textures of fall in the highlands. A favorite activity was making rosehip tea by picking rose hips, boiling them in water, and straining the tea. Yes, it would have been better with honey. The campfire stew was the main entrance to the barbecue and it was fun letting the girls light the fire, collect firewood, and help with the cooking. Of course, the S’Mores were needed.


Exploring a little further, the Junior / Cadet Troop traveled to Denver to participate in a GSCO Craft Fair and Sale. Homemade pumpkin bread in tiny buns made from local eggs and hand-roasted fresh pumpkin was a big hit. A craft project developed by testing and trying to make plush pumpkins, from tiny to huge. Part of this experience was learning how to display and market their products as well as adjusting their prices to accommodate the clientele of 30-40 stands in the Great Hall. A good profit was again collected for future troop and individual projects.


The fun and learning go hand in hand with two other field trips near the house. Small Acre Farm in Fort Collins is owned by two former Meadow Mountain Ranch employees, and the girls had the pleasure of petting the kids who become the goats that give milk to make homemade soap and other products. Great photo ops there! A trip to the Corn Maze Fall Field was just plain fun and a whole new experience for some. The girls were inspired by hand-roasted pumpkins to use in their pumpkin bread that they sold at the craft fair.


It’s almost time for Girl Scout Cookies! This is a preview of what the New Year will bring. The brief news includes the most exciting event of a new variety of cookies. It’s called “Adventurefuls” and they’re “brownie-inspired gourmet cookies with creme caramel and a hint of sea salt.” Pre-orders can start on January 13, 2022 and cookies will be available on February 6. Prices range from $ 5 to $ 6 per box. It is worth noting that all profits from the sale of cookies remain in Colorado, in the troops, service units and as the primary source of funding for the Girl Scouts of Colorado. Girls again earn cookie credits in a personal account to help cover the costs of camps, trips, and other events. More details as the time approaches.


In our area of ​​Estes Park, one of the most popular events each summer is Women’s Week, also at Meadow Mountain Ranch (MMR). Reserve the dates from June 26th to 30th. All women aged 18 and over are welcome. You don’t even have to be at camp or ever been a Girl Scout. Come play in the Colorado highlands with ladies from all over the country. Please contact Penny Roberts, Very Informal Camp Director for Women’s Week, at [email protected] or 970-586-1775. We can cook, sing, hike, do crafts, sing more, study history, explore nature activities, or help with service projects. Sky is the limit. The total event fee is $ 300, and the part-time fee of $ 60 would cover any three meal section.


So now that Girl Scouts have traveled locally, statewide, and across the country, they’re ready for even bigger and better experiences. Join them for the EF Tours excursion to London, Paris, Florence and Rome in the summer of 2023. Pax Lodge, the Girl Guides’ World Center in London is one of the attractions, along with the Eiffel Tower, Vatican City and the Colosseum. For more details and to register for holiday discounts, contact Christine Guy at [email protected]


In 2012, Girl Scouts of the United States celebrated their centenary, and the creation of a Colorado Girl Scout license plate was accomplished by a task force of volunteers, who led the process through the Legislature of the United States. Colorado State. The Kelly-Green and white license plate with the Girl Scout logo and the slogan “Girl Scouts Since 1912” is available for almost all types of vehicles and available to any individual for purchase. This improves the visibility and viability of our Girl Scout family in Colorado. If a Brownie’s father owns a business, Girl Scout license plates on all of his company vehicles will show commitment and raise awareness about the health of our Girl Scout movement. Details are available at any county clerk’s office.

Cheri Schonfeld, Colorado Girl Scout Volunteer Support Specialist, can be contacted at [email protected] for information on the program. Penny Roberts is the Service Unit Manager and member of the Executive Teams for both troops at Estes Park, and can be reached anytime at [email protected] or 970 586 1775. Help Us Pass Through message and to help us reach our local 100 girl girl in 10 troops in all K-12 grades. Imagine the adventures, the experiences, the fun and friendships, and the life skills to be learned nowhere but from Girl Scouts.

Jack C. Nugent