The boys’ photo confirms that the show actually built a giant [SPOILER] for the reverse-Thanus scene

The boys’ photo confirms that the show actually built a giant [SPOILER] for the reverse-Thanus scene

This story contains spoilers for The boys Season 3, Episode 1, “Refund”.

A behind-the-scenes photo from Prime Video The boys confirms the show practically built a giant penis for a scene in the Season 3 premiere.

Brett Geddes, who played the superhero Termite in The boys, shared a series of photos on Instagram showing the entrance of the colossal NSFW prop featured in the show’s third season premiere, “Payback.” “For those wondering…the dick is real,” the actor wrote in the caption. “Me and my stuntman [Alex Armbruster] after taking turns jumping on the coke trampoline.”

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The boys Season 3 episode 1, “Payback”, introduced Geddes’ Termite, a supe with the ability to grow smaller than that of an insect. During a party the titular boys were attempting to infiltrate, Termite and his lover began privately engaging in a sexual encounter that involved the hero becoming small enough to fit inside his partner’s urethra. However, while inside, Termite sneezed and blew up his partner’s entire lower half of his body. Still small and newly traumatized, Butcher (Karl Urban) puts Termite in a tiny bag of cocaine.

Eric Kripke, showrunner of The boysconfirmed that this already infamous scene was directly inspired by “Thanus” fan theory, which suggested that Paul Rudd’s Ant-Man could use his unique size-altering abilities to defeat Thanos in 2019. Avengers: Endgame.

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“These evolve into a writers room and the evolution of that sequence started with ‘We need the boys to fight a superhero,'” Kripke explained. “So we ask, ‘What great superhero haven’t we made yet?’ Someone says, “We didn’t do Ant-Man.” And then someone else says, “There’s this meme of Ant-Man climbing on Thanos’ butt and blowing him up. So we should. We should give the public what Marvel can’t give them. ” “

While Marvel Studios has been criticized by fans for its reliance on CGI as opposed to practical effects, Prime Video’s The boys leaned into using practical effects for some of his more absurd stunts. This includes using practical effects for things like building a “10-foot animatronic cock puppet” in Season 1 or using 150 gallons of fake blood for the infamous whale scene from the movie. season 2. With the show’s version of the “Herogasm” event on the horizon, fans should expect nothing less than the utmost attention to detail for the next super-powered sex orgy.

New episodes of The boys Season 3 releases on Prime Video every Friday. The first two seasons are currently available to stream.

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