Ted Grussing Photography’s Photo of the Day: Classic Sedona

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…sorry for not posting a pic last Wednesday…when I got back from Phoenix I was hit with a dose of Covid and while it certainly didn’t meet expectations I rested well and I invested in several seasons of The Good Wife, to pass the time. Pretty much back to normal now and my new house mate has settled in and set some new rules to follow. Katie is going to be an indoor cat and seems very happy with the arrangement. She transformed from a shy young lady into a black panther asserting control of the whole house and I love it. She has a very different personality from One and her predecessors…and life is interesting.

I took the photo above yesterday and it’s one of my favorites from the ground. it is taken from the Upper Loop Road looking ENE. Cathedral Rock is framed between the branches of the tree and behind it is Courthouse Rock… Lees Mountain and Munds Mountain are on the left and on the right is Castle Rock.

Below is a photo of Katie on my lap keeping me company. Her voice is just a whisper and she is incredibly sweet…the great indoors is where she will live and it will be challenging to come up with original photos for her, but it can be done. We were sitting in the living room and she was on my lap when I took this.

Thank you all for your kind words about the loss of One and now that I am feeling better I will start writing responses to you. I haven’t trusted any emails for several days and have received several hundred emails regarding One’s passing…. thank you and I start tomorrow.

Have a great day, keep breathing and smile… you’re here and it’s an amazing gift!


& Katie

Love someone – in the name of God love someone –
for it is the bread of the interior life, without which
part of you will starve and starve; and although you feel
you must be stern, even harsh, in your business life,
at least make yourself a little corner, somewhere
in the big world, where you can thrive and be

Love someone by Max Ehrmann



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