Spectacular 3D projection mapped onto the Fantasia Public Baths [PHOTO]

Spectacular 3D projection mapped onto the Fantasia Public Baths [PHOTO]

By Laman Ismayilova

Baku hosted a 3D projection presentation mapped on the Fantasia bathhouse to mark the 30th anniversary of Azerbaijani-German ties, reports Azernews.

During the presentation, Deputy German Ambassador to Azerbaijan Heiko Schwartz noted that the German Embassy in Baku, in partnership with QGallery, QGallery Berlin, Qala Sigorta OJSC and Qala Hayat, announced the competition for “Revived Architecture” digital art in July 2021.

The competition organized within the framework of the project “Preservation of cultural heritage and urbanization”, brought together local and foreign experts in the field of multimedia as well as students, talented artists and designers.

The concept of “Revived Architecture” encompasses remarkable structures, amazing buildings and hidden urban “treasures” of a particular history.

The main focus of the project was building lighting – 3D mapping, a special audio-visual art technology with unlimited artistic potential.

The presentation aroused great interest among cultural figures and the public, as well as representatives of diplomatic missions.

The review of project applications ended in mid-November 2021. In an open vote, two winners were selected from 30 finalists, who presented their work with particular creativity.

They were graduates of the National Academy of Arts Yagut Kalbaliyeva with the project “Bath “Fantasy” and Sevinj Guliyeva with the project “Museum of Stone Chronicles”.

The technical implementation of the project “Bathhouse” Fantasia “was carried out with the participation of OkeyTube (Digital Bohemia).

Bath “Fantasy” (Fantaziya hamamı) was built in 1886 according to the project of the famous Baku engineer and architect of German origin Von der Nonne Avgustovich Nikolai.

The bath was opened to visitors on January 13, 1887, becoming one of the first European-type baths in Baku.

The building has a good interior layout, a waiting room with a luxurious ceiling, walls decorated with ceramic plates with colorful art scenes and excellent interior decoration.

The semicircular corners of the facade with pediments are made in the classic forms of the order system.

The main facade of the building has a symmetrical axial structure with side projections.

The general volumetric plasticity of the building is lined with limestone at a high level.

Since August 2001, the Fantasia Bath has been under state protection as an architectural monument of local history and culture.

“In my work I wanted to reflect on how life has taken place in the territory where this building is located, from the day of its construction to the present day, the times, the people and the atmosphere , and the way technical progress took place, the world changed. It was a kind of excursion into history, ‘lived’ by the building,” Yagut Kalbaliyeva told Trend Life.

The presentation drew a standing ovation from the evening’s guests.

The implementation of the project “Museum of Stone Chronicles” by Sevinj Guliyeva will take place in October this year.

The building that houses the museum was built in 1901 by the German Siemens brothers. Baku’s first oil-fired power plant operated in the building.

In addition, the building was renovated and transformed into the Stone Chronicle Museum. The opening ceremony took place in June 2015.

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