Six telltale details in shameful new photo of Boris Johnson’s Christmas quiz

A new photo of Prime Minister Boris Johnson socializing with Downing Street colleagues during a Christmas quiz alongside an open bottle of bubbles and a packet of crisps

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PMQ: Boris Johnson asked about new Christmas party photo

Boris Johnson faces further questions over a Downing Street Christmas quiz he hosted in 2020 – when most of the UK was under strict Covid restrictions.

Today the Mirror exclusively revealed a new photo of the festive reunion, which sparked outrage when it was first discovered last year.

The new image shows the Prime Minister on screen reading questions. He is flanked by three colleagues, one of whom is draped in tinsel, while another wears a headband with a Santa hat attached.

At the time, Cabinet Minister Nadhim Zahawi, who is education secretary, said the rally could not be a party because there was no alcohol.

But now the new photograph reveals a bottle of sparkling wine was present, along with an open bag of crisps – ironically alongside a bottle full of sanitiser.

Previously, sources claimed that staff members gathered around computers to participate while drinking wine, beer and bubbly.

Following the new photo, Scotland Yard said it would reverse its original decision not to investigate the gathering.

Here’s a closer look at that image, which you may have missed, amid the many occasions when Downing Street staff allegedly flouted the rules.

The new image raises new questions for the PM

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An open bag of crisps and a bottle of champagne

At the time, London was plunged into strict Tier Two restrictions, prohibiting two or more people from mixing.

The rules alienated people from their loved ones and deprived Britons of the chance to say goodbye to dying relatives. But meanwhile the new photo shows staff at No 10 enjoying a bottle of alcohol and crisps.

The crusty wrapper had been torn and sat, half-eaten, in the middle of the table.

When the Mirror broke the initial story, it didn’t go over well, unsurprisingly, with many who flouted lockdown rules previously hit with hefty fines.

A man on Twitter poignantly wrote: ‘At the time this photo was taken my mother, a hospice nurse, was being instructed to remove dying people from hospitals to die alone at home without immediate access to pain relief or medical attention. help make room for covid patients.”

Boris hosts Christmas quiz as London was in Tier 2 restrictions


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Christmas outfits

The atmosphere is clearly festive, with two colleagues dressed in Christmas outfits in front of a laptop. One has tinsel draped around his neck, while another wears a Santa hat.

The festive decor is at odds with the advice – as many Londoners have stayed home, unable to attend their own festive parties. In fact, many were forced to spend Christmas Day alone.

The Downing Street quiz was not among the 12 events Met Police are investigating – Johnson previously suggesting they decided not to go further after seeing the evidence.

However, after the Mirror revealed the new image, Scotland Yard said it would reconsider its decision.

Asked at PMQs about the original photo released last year, the PM said the event had already been submitted for investigation.

The portrait of Margaret Thatcher

A portrait of former Prime Minister Margret Thatcher, who watches the Prime Minister and his pals enjoy their bubbly, snacks and festive entertainment, looms ominously above the room.

The piece was funded by an anonymous private donor and painted by Richard Stone, who has also previously illustrated the Queen and the Queen Mother.

Ironically, Labor leader Sir Keir Starmer quoted Thatcher in his scathing attack on the Prime Minister in the House of Commons.

He said: “Margaret Thatcher once said that the first duty of government is to uphold the law – if it tries to swing and sneak around that duty when it doesn’t suit it, then the governed will do too.”

The room where the online quiz was conducted



The open bottle of hand sanitizer next to the common bag of chips

Although no mask is worn in the photo, there is at least a large bottle of hand sanitizer on the table.

The curtain in the corner – which many have mistaken for a bag-covered CCTV camera

On Twitter, people accused the quiz hosts of covering a CCTV camera with a bag.

However, photos from other angles show that it is actually a curtain and is still there.

Media lawyer David Banks pointed this out last year.

The strict restrictions Londoners faced

It’s not pictured but it’s something that needs to be mentioned. Londoners were under strict restrictions at the time, which prohibited two or more people from different households from coming together.

According to official guidelines, no one should host a Christmas lunch or party at work, which was primarily a social activity.

As lawyer Adam Wagner told the Mirror today, the details in this photo suggest it is a Christmas party.

He added: “In light of the new evidence, it no longer makes sense that this gathering is not being investigated by the police given that an almost identical gathering in the office of the Cabinet Secretary Simon Case two days later is under investigation.”

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