Save $200 and upgrade your color editing for photo and video with this great deal

For those who need true to life colors to perform detailed color grading of photos or video, having your monitor calibrated to the correct color science is a must-have to perform well. Luckily for all you color pureset out there or those that think is could be a great addition to their workflow, you can now save $200 on this Datacolor SpyderX color kit from B&H, now just $199.99

Featuring an advanced lens-based color engine for fast, precise, and versatile performance, the SpyderX Elite color control kit from Datacolor is an intuitive monitor calibration and color matching system for professional photographers and videographers who are looking for the ultimate control of their color workflows . This powerful system provides increased precision, color accuracy, and low-light capabilities for maintaining consistently accurate colors. SpyderX Elite meets these needs with an extensive selection of color calibration options including photo, video, and prepress standards as well as additional options for matching and tuning multiple displays and projectors.

The SpyderX Elite colorimeter provides thorough, one-click, and wizard-guided calibration, along with display mapping and analysis to fine-tune results, and calibrating a monitor takes just a minute or two, which means you have more time to continue editing your stunning photography or grading your cinematic video. The colorimeter incorporates an ambient light sensor to measure prevailing light conditions for room-light monitoring, and the system’s Spyderproof feature provides before-and-after evaluation of the display with full-screen images. A device simulation function allows previewing how images will print on different printers and papers or appear on different mobile or tablet devices. The SpyderX Elite colorimeter also features calibration settings for TV and video standards.

The ColorReader EZ is a portable, bluetooth-enabled device that can scan the color of any flat surface when placed flush against the surface, and is able to measure an area as small as 0.25 x 0.25″ to create a color match. It then accurately identifies the closest Savage Universal background color, and the top three paint color matches (across major paint brands). It can also provide important color data such as CIE Lab, Hex, and RGB for digital design work, including conversion to Pantone colors. This pocket-sized tool makes color matching wardrobe, paint for sets, and product shots simple and precise.

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