Rose Vega teases with another pic of her mysterious man

90 Day Fiancé’s Rose Vega posts a photo of her boyfriend after returning from their trip to Thailand. Fans believe her new man is also a middle-aged white man.

A few days ago the 90 day fiancé star Rosemarie Vega showed off her new boyfriend on Instagram, and she has now posted another photo of him. The 26-year-old reality TV star was last featured on 90 day fiancé: before 90 days season 4 with her American boyfriend, Big Ed. Rose was convinced that she would marry Ed, and that’s why she even let her son, Prince, call him daddy. However, after Ed told Rose that he lied about having more children with her, the couple broke up. Since then, the native of the Philippines has worked hard to take advantage of her newfound fame.

the 90 day fiancé Celebrity Rose has had several lucrative opportunities with various beauty and fashion brands over the past two years. In a short time, she became a popular model in her country. After working so hard for two years, Rose recently pampered herself with an international trip to Thailand with her son. While in Bangkok, she also posted a video with her new man on Instagram. Many 90 day fiancé fans were a little unhappy that Rose was keeping her man’s identity a secret.


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The famous TLC star Pink posted a bunch of photos on Instagram again to wrap up his trip to Thailand. In one of the photos, fans can see the hand of a mysterious man, clapping his drink with the glasses of Rose and Prince. Rose doesn’t try to keep her relationship under wraps, but she doesn’t want fans to know who her boyfriend is. She thanked her new man for having had a great time with her and Prince. She said, “Missing our time in Thailand. Thank you for a wonderful time with me and Prince.

Many 90 day fiancé fans loved the five photos of Rose she posted on her grid. They are happy to see that she has found someone and look very happy with him. One fan commented: “Your son looks really happy and so do you.“Another stepped in,” YYou both deserve the best and happiness in your lives !!“Someone else mentioned,”Love to see you and Prince loves you the best life.However, a few naysayers couldn’t help but mention that Rose should find someone her age because her new boyfriend looks like an average white man.

Rose is probably keeping her man a secret because she doesn’t want her critics to share their opinions on her love life. It’s also possible that she’s at the start of her relationship and doesn’t want to formalize things on social media just yet. In any case, it’s heartwarming to see that Rose took her son to Thailand even though she could have left him with his family in the Philippines. 90 day fiancé fans are hoping Rose’s new man would treat her much better than San Diego native Ed.

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