RBWM needs hundreds of new electric vehicle charging stations – Photo 1 of 2

Plans to ensure the Royal Borough has the infrastructure to support an expected influx of electric vehicles will be debated by councilors next week.

The council predicts that half of all cars and vans in the borough will be electric by 2035 – reaching virtually all vehicles by 2040 – due to growing demand and incoming national bans on the sale of models at gasoline and diesel.

The borough said it needed to support the delivery of charging stations on the land it manages, such as streets and parking lots, as it prepares for a green transportation future.

A 10-year electric vehicle charging station infrastructure plan is being developed by the local authority to set out the actions the council will need to take to enable the transition to electric vehicles.

Cabinet members must discuss and approve the draft of this plan before publishing it for public consultation. It should be finalized and ready for delivery from fiscal year 2023/24.

The plan indicates that by 2033, the borough will need around 600 new charging stations on the street and another 125 in municipal parking lots, or around 75 per year.

“In the face of the climate emergency, the transition to electric vehicles is essential to efforts to decarbonise transport, which is the borough’s biggest source of carbon emissions,” Royal Borough planning officials wrote. .

“Introducing charging stations as an important new feature to our roads and car parks also serves to accelerate the transition by demonstrating that electric driving is set to become a normal part of everyday life.”

The council added that “the majority” of electric vehicle charging will take place at night in private residential driveways and in depots.

Electric vehicle charging stations were installed in six on-street parking spaces in Windsor and Maidenhead earlier this year as part of a pilot project.

Plans to halve the board’s carbon emissions by the 2025/26 financial year will also be discussed at next week’s meeting.

As part of its climate targets, the Royal Borough has pledged to bring emissions to net zero by 2050.

A document to be submitted to councilors will explain how the borough will achieve its goal through a combination of operational changes, building improvements and network decarbonization.

Cabinet will take place at 7 p.m. at York House in Windsor on Thursday, October 27 and residents will be able to watch the meeting live on the council’s YouTube channel.

Jack C. Nugent