Pusha T finally explains this cryptic photo of Lana Del Rey

Amid the usual grid of promotional clips and photos of her children, a photo on Pusha T’s Instagram page sparked an unusual amount of discussion online earlier this year. In January, he accompanied a video of himself rhyming to his new single “Diet Coke” with a photo of Lana Del Rey’s face from 2017 thirst for life, masked by a white powder. The post kicked off the campaign for her next album, with the cryptic image and preview of the song leaving Lana fans looking for a collaboration.

The rapper says rolling stone he posted the photo because he identifies with the singer’s themes “High by the Beach” and “Florida Kilos.” “Musically, I think Lana Del Rey is talking about the same subject, but on different ends,” he says. “You can hear remnants of indulgence and addiction. So it’s like, ‘Man, why not?’ I thought that made sense. (Del Rey did not respond to a request for comment.)

The two have yet to collaborate, but according to the rapper, there is at least a tentative plan. “One of the Interscope executives called right after the pic came out and asked me to do a remix,” he laughs. “I forgot which song, but I’m still waiting for them to send it to me.”

Earlier this week, the rapper was at the center of one of hip-hop’s most unusual jams. Two decades after claiming to have written the McDonald’s “I’m Lovin’ It” jingle (others have disputed this claim), Pusha reunited with Arby’s to record “Spicy Fish Diss”, a track aimed at the Net- McDonald’s O-Fish. to promote the company’s own fish sandwich. “I’m the reason the whole world loves it / Now I gotta smash it / Filet-O-Fish is shit / And you should be disgusted,” he rhymed.

“I did it at a very young age at a very young point in my career where I wasn’t asking for so much money and property. It’s something that always hollowed me out later in life, like, ‘Damn, I was part of it and I should have more of a stake,'” he added. “It was like half a million or a million dollars for me and my brother – but that’s peanuts as long as it lasts.”

Jack C. Nugent