PHOTO BLOG: Choosing the decisive moment medium | Local

Missing important moments because I was shooting videos instead of photos was a thorn in my side for years. I tried several different techniques and equipment setups only to be disappointed in the end. Well, here’s the latest attempt to find a way to do both in a world that increasingly calls for visuals.

Equipment used to add attachments to a hot or cold shoe seen Tuesday, May 24, 2022 in Twin Falls.


Using a cold/hot shoe mount on a 1/4 inch adapter allows me to attach a cell phone mount to the top of the camera. I use this gear on any Nikon body with my wide angle lens. It’s usually the Nikon D4s because it’s a full-frame sensor. I’m currently using an iPhone SE (2nd Gen), which incorporates a 28mm equivalent lens. So while my lens can zoom between 24 and 70mm focal length, those numbers are closer to the iPhone’s 28mm instead of my other camera body and lens which is typically 105 to 300mm.

Photo blog: Between the frames

A Nikon D4s with an iPhone SE (2nd generation) and attached Shure microphone seen Tuesday, May 24, 2022 in Twin Falls.


Now I also have a small Shure mic that I can attach to the iPhone and use an app that gives me some control over the audio. It helps when I’m working outside in windy weather, at least a bit, or when I’m doing more ambient sound interviews.

Jack C. Nugent