Photo album: The community comes together to help the Norwegian couple repair their home

Kathleen and Richard Judkins admire their new kitchen in Norway on Wednesday, seeing it for the first time since March. Danielle Wadsworth records the moment on Facebook Live behind them. Wadsworth organized an army of volunteers via Facebook to clean up and repair the house, which had fallen into disrepair over the years. New flooring, appliances, furnace, electrical work, painting, garbage hauling, driveway repair and more were provided by the volunteers in three weeks. Wadsworth sets up a non-profit organization, Hope for Humanity, to help other members of the community. Andrée Kehn/Sun Journal

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Danielle Wadsworth, center, points out many of the new repairs and furnishings on Wednesday in Richard and Kathleen Judkins’ renovated living room at their Hayden Avenue home in Norway. Wadsworth says there is still a long way to go to bring the house up to its standards, but she was eager to lay the groundwork so the couple can move back in together. Wadsworth raised donations and volunteer labor to repair the couple’s home after it was found living in poor conditions. Andrée Kehn/Sun Journal

Kathleen and Richard Judkins walk into their kitchen on Wednesday for the first time in over a month. They were moved to a motel to give the volunteers time to renovate their house. Thousands of man hours have gone into cleaning the surfaces. The couple had survived the winter with a broken furnace and resorted to buying firewood in bundles, when Danielle Wadsworth was brought home by her mother, Connie Sessions, while delivering wood . Wadsworth, who has many connections in the community, took on the project to repair the couple’s home. Andrée Kehn/Sun Journal

Richard and Kathleen Judkins return home on Wednesday with Danielle Wadsworth, right, who led the couple’s home renovation effort Wadsworth had met the couple in March while delivering firewood to them and discovered that their house was in very poor condition. Wadsworth organized the community through Facebook to provide volunteer labor to repair the couple’s home. Andrée Kehn/Sun Journal

Louisa Westleigh, left, and Tracy Chute rake up some ruts Wednesday on the lawn of Richard and Kathleen Judkins in Norway. The elderly couple living in the Hayden Avenue house have benefited from a home renovation by the community. Andrée Kehn/Sun Journal

Last-minute cleaning, plumbing work and appliance setup is being done Wednesday by, left to right, Tracy Chute, Mickey Bailey, Keegan Kimball and Dylan Allen at the home of Richard and Kathleen Judkins in Norway. Community members gathered to help repair the home of the couple, who had lived in the house all winter without heat, with broken water pipes and a flooded basement. Andrée Kehn/Sun Journal

Richard and Kathleen Judkins, seated, visit neighbor Mark Young, right, on Wednesday after returning to their renovated home on Hayden Avenue in Norway. Young had provided support to his neighbors during the three years he lived across from them, but did not realize the degree of difficulty they were in. Young was one of hundreds of volunteers who pitched in to help fix the house that was in disrepair. Andrée Kehn/Sun Journal

Kathleen and Richard Judkins marvel at the work done in their living room in Norway on Wednesday. The couple had been discovered huddled around a radiator in March with no fuel, a flooded basement and a house in very poor condition. Community members gathered to clean and repair their home and install new appliances and a furnace. A volunteer is installing a new roof on the house in the coming months. Andrée Kehn/Sun Journal

Danielle Wadsworth, right, laughs at a racy joke made by Richard Judkins on Wednesday, as his wife, Kathleen, urges him to behave himself. Richard grew up in the Hayden Avenue house in Norway. The couple moved into the house when Richard’s mother died. The house had fallen into disrepair in recent years. When Connie Sessions brought her daughter Wadsworth to meet the couple, the two decided to embark on the couple’s home renovation project. Wadsworth, who is forming a nonprofit to help others in the community, helped the couple access the services Richard was entitled to as a veteran. Wadsworth is setting up the couple with financial coaching and has organized community members to help pay the couple’s back taxes. Andrée Kehn/Sun Journal

Kathleen and Richard Judkins enter their room on Wednesday for the first time in more than a month after volunteers cleaned and repaired their home. Their closet is full of new clothes, which organizer Danielle Wadsworth has collected. Wadsworth created an Amazon wishlist under “Joy for the Judkins” for members of the public to purchase items for the couple. Andrée Kehn/Sun Journal

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