Paulina Porizkova posts now/then pic, explains why she’s in her ‘Prime’ now

Paulina Porizkova is a supermodel legend. At 57, the SI Swimsuit model is speaking out against ageism in our society while drawing attention to the true beauty in all of us.

In a recent Instagram post, the Czech-born model shared a photo of herself from her youth alongside a recent photo of herself, decades apart between the two photos.

In the caption, Porizkova responded to a question a follower recently posted on her feed, which read, “Can I ask you something? What was it like when you were younger being so beautiful? What was it like when you walked into a room and people were looking at you? Did you feel special? Do you miss all that attention?

Porizkova was candid in her response, noting that while she missed the attention, she didn’t miss what she was feeling at the time.

“As a model, you were supposed to represent the physically perfect woman. And of course, you could never measure up. Because – cut into small pieces of judgment, there is always someone with better legs. Or nose. Or lips. Or the hair. Etc. So what was it like when I was “judged” to be in the prime of my physical beauty? That’s probably when I felt the worst about myself.

Porizkova continued: “And now, when I finally appreciate what I have been given, it is in society’s opinion that I lose my beauty. The combination of my learning, my maturing, and my wrinkles, combined with my looks, I think is the best balance I’ve ever had. So, sorry to anyone who can’t see it and who thinks youth is necessary for beauty.

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The honest and vulnerable response resonated with her followers who responded with comments such as, “I also feel a lot more balanced now in my 50s. I remember as a young model I didn’t feel insecure, constantly judged and what I had to offer outside of my looks, mostly fired.”

Porizvoka was first photographed in Walter Iooss Jr.’s Sports Illustrated Swimsuit in 1983, when she was just 23 years old. She appeared in the magazine consecutively from 1983 to 1986, returned in 1989, 1992, 2004 and for the filming of SI Swimsuit 50th Anniversary Legends in 2014. She appeared on the cover of the magazine in 1984. Porizvoka was also a guest in 2018 .as part of the female empowerment, body paint special which also included names like Aly Raisman, Hunter McGrady and Olivia Culpo, and was pictured again in 2019 at the age of 53.

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