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If there’s one thing to know about Michael Jackson’s children, it’s that they’re a tight-knit bunch. As they shared a traumatic event of losing their father at a tender age, they stuck together through thick and thin – and that’s what makes Paris Jackson’s latest selfie with his older brother, Prince Jackson, so sweet.

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The Instagram Story selfie with a glowing stars filter shows them both lying on the couch with Prince shouting into the camera with a big smile. Paris kept her smile a little more subdued, but they both look happy to be in each other’s company. We also love that they both wear ink on their arms, the tattoos are something they share. Paris tagged her big brother in the image and put a heart emoji next to his name.

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Prince Jackson, Paris Jackson
Paris Jackson/Instagram.

It’s hard to believe how grown up the King of Pop’s children have become. Prince, 24, graduated with a business degree in 2019 from Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles. He was the glue that kept his siblings, Paris, 23, and Bigi, 19, together based on the lessons his father taught him. “When we were growing up, my dad used to say, ‘We couldn’t have anything, but you look around in this room, your brother, your sister and I, that’s all you’ll ever have,'” he said. declared. Hello Brittany last fall. “Because I’m the eldest, my father always told me [that] I have to make sure the group is taken care of and I have to be the leader and lead by example.

You can feel the love Prince has for his siblings, not just as a sibling, but as a father figure. “Every moment I can spend with my siblings now, especially as we get older and our own lives begin to blossom and grow,” he explained. “Every moment I spend with them – every little family dinner, every little family outing – is truly a special moment for me.” It’s something MJ would be very proud of – his kids have an unbreakable bond.

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