Outrage over Godh Bharai’s photo claiming it’s an example of love-jihad

A photo is going viral on social media claiming that a Pune-based clothing and ethnic clothing brand ‘Karagiri’ was promoting ‘Love Jihad’ through its brand. Social media users assumed the man in the viral photo was wearing a Muslim cap.

According to social media users, the viral photo implies that the brand promotes marriages between Hindu-Muslim couples.

“Love Jihad” is a term often used by right-wing groups who claim there is a plot to convert Hindu women to Islam through marriage in order to decrease the number of Hindus.

In the past, the jewelry brand Tanishq had to withdraw its Hindu-Muslim wedding ad due to outrage from social media users. Allegations promoting “Love Jihad” were made against the brand, leading them to pull their Ekatvam ad campaign featuring the story of a Hindu-Muslim couple.

To claim:

Viral social media posts carry an image that shows a couple celebrating their pregnancy.

Social media user @RaginiSaffronic shared the photo and wrote, “How to promote the old #LOVEJIHAD tactics of these anti-Hindus to attract Hindu girls to radicalize murderous rapist Buslims. Don’t buy anything from them because the Muslims only wear saris.”

Kreately Media, known for spreading misinformation, had also tweeted this claim, but later deleted it.

Fact check:

The couple in the viral photo are actors Aditi and Mohit Malik. The viral photo is part of a carousel of images available on the brand’s website. The image was captioned, “ADITI MALIK in Ocean Blue Kanjivaram Saree” The images are part of a promotional campaign featuring Aditi Malik.

After doing some keyword research, we came across Instagram posts from Aditi Malik. These photos provide more context for Karagiri’s promotional campaign, indicating that the photos were from his Godh Bharai (baby shower). On this occasion, Aditi wore the Karagiri sari.

Mohit Malik also shared photos from the occasion, which match the images on the website. The photo shows him wearing a Maharashtrian cap, not an Islamic headgear as social media posts assume. Malik also captioned his social media post, “Navari Ali”, which means “the bride has arrived” in Marathi.

A Maharashtrian topi, also known as Gandhi Cap, is a popular headgear worn mainly by Maharashtrian men. The photo attached for reference shows how it is worn.

The Maharashtrian topi is worn at traditional festivals and weddings.


Social media users alleged that clothing brand “Karagiri” promoted “Love Jihad” through marketing on its website. The photo actually features actors Aditi and Mohit Malik and is from their “Godh Bharai” ceremony.

The photos are part of a promotional campaign featuring the actors and promoting the Ocean Blue Kanjivaram Saree made by Karagiri. The cap, which social media users assumed to be an Islamic headgear, is actually a popular headgear worn during Maharashtrian ceremonies and rituals such as godh bharai and weddings. Thanks to this, it can be concluded that viral posts on social networks are misleading.

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Jack C. Nugent