One of our favorite iPhone photo apps now works on Apple Watch

If you’re a mobile photographer, you might already be using FiLMiC Firstlight – a camera app from the makers of the FiLMiC Pro video app. Otherwise, there’s never been a better time to start because it’s even better, especially if you have an Apple Watch.

Indeed, FiLMiC Firstlight version 1.3 is now launched and the main feature is Apple Watch support. This is done through a companion app that lets you take photos straight from your wrist.

So in other words, it’s a remote shutter, which means you can snap a shot on your phone and then use your Apple Watch to take the shot, which you might want to- be done if, for example, you intend to be in the shot and at a certain distance. away from your phone, or if you just don’t want to risk camera shake by pressing down on the phone.

An image showing Filmic Firstlight running on both an iPhone and Apple Watch

(Image credit: FiLMiC Inc)

Additionally, the version 1.3 update brings new features to the iOS and Android versions of the Firstlight app. These include a new film simulation category called Pioneers, which adds four new film simulations to the app, based on various early color film formulations.

There’s also a new capture setup that lets you take RAW photos without an associated compressed image, and you can now cancel the countdown timer on the app if you set one.

These join the wide variety of modes and features that FiLMiC Firstlight was already known for, including a burst mode, grid overlays, RGB histogram, auto exposure mode, film grain, manual controls and even more.

FiLMiC Firstlight version 1.3 is now available, so you can grab it as a free update if you already have the app. Otherwise, it’s free on Google Play (with in-app purchases), while on the App Store it’s $7.99 / £6.99 / AU$12.99.

Analysis: a ray of light for Apple Watch apps

The decision to create FiLMiC Firstlight is great news for Apple Watch owners who are also avid photographers, but it’s also a promising sign in general, given that some other high-profile apps have dropped support for Apple Watch.

Not so long ago, for example, Uber stopped working on Apple Watch. It wasn’t the first major app to do so, and it probably won’t be the last, but Firstlight shows that not all developers are abandoning the platform and that there is room for Apple apps. Watch beyond the fitness and music ones. checks.

Hopefully the Apple Watch incarnation of Firstlight will perform well then, and more developers will feel inspired to jump on board.

Jack C. Nugent