NYC Barnes & Noble overshadows JK Rowling with screen: PHOTO

A Barnes & Noble in New York City recently made headlines for a book show that cast a major shadow on transphobic and well-known author JK Rowling.

Rowling, world famous for her Harry potter series of books in which a young wizard boy sets out to stop the evil wizard Voldemort, one of history’s most beloved children’s authors.

Then she repeatedly revealed herself to be ignorant and hateful of the transgender community. The racism displayed in his writings has also been denounced in recent years by Asian, indigenous and black activists.

A Barnes & Noble establishment has decided to throw a shadow over Rowling while helping customers find books on magic from authors with a more favorable reputation.

They did this by setting up an exhibit of several different books on wizards and magic, while intentionally leaving the Harry potter books out of the display.

To top it off, the label on the screen reads:

“The wizarding world without problem”

Rowling has taken up many hateful positions towards transgender women and has been dragged out for them ever since. She has repeatedly used her social media accounts to disparage trans women and challenge the validity of their existence.

She has also disseminated nefarious ideas that transgender women are a ‘threat’ to cisgender women and even publicly supported the use of conversion therapy to try to turn transgender people into cisgender, while also promoting products containing anti-transgender feelings.

Rowling even went so far as to write an entire book filled with her transphobic ideas. The book, written under a male pseudonym, depicts a male figure who dons robes to murder women. Rowling was first revealed to be transphobic two years ago after battling on social media to defend nonprofit social justice worker Maya Forstater who was fired from her job for attacking people transgender people on social media and refuse to recognize or use the correct pronouns of trans people.

Forstater continued with his dismissal but lost his case because the court found that his attitudes and actions created an “intimidating, hostile, degrading, humiliating or offensive environment”.

Meanwhile, Rowling attempted to defend Forstater, stating that she agreed with Forstater’s views.

Rowling has even ‘appeared’ as a ‘TERF’ or ‘trans-exclusive radical feminist’.

Because of her hateful and harmful views on the transgender community, many of her fans, some of whom are transgender themselves, have turned on her and even abandoned the game. Harry potter franchise in solidarity with trans people. The stars of the Potter films have also publicly denounced Rowling.

Twitter users applaud Barnes & Noble for their shady, but hilarious display.

As of the date of this posting, Rowling has not responded to the posting.

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Jack C. Nugent