No, that’s not a photo of Nicole Kidman reacting to Will Smith and Chris Rock

An image of actress Nicole Kidman at the Oscars on March 27 with her mouth open and her arms outstretched is being shared on social media as an example of another celebrity reacting to actor Will Smith slapping comedian Chris Rock.

“Nicole Kidman reacts to Chris Rock and Will Smith incident at #Oscars,” a tweet from March 27 read. “A NEW MEME IS BORN.”

We’ve already debunked a claim that photos in a grid showing seemingly dismayed actors and actresses were taken that night – they were taken in 2017, when ‘La La Land’ was mistakenly announced as Best Picture , and its producers had to present their Oscars to the cast and crew of the real winner, “Moonlight.”

Unlike those snaps, Kidman’s was taken in 2022. But she wasn’t wide-eyed at that time because of Smith.

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The photo was taken by Los Angeles Times photographer Myung Chun. Vulture reported that it was posted on Getty Images hours before the altercation between Smith and Rock, during the first non-televised hour of the ceremony.

Chun told Vulture that Kidman seemed pleased to see actress Jessica Chastain across the room when she reached out and waved at him with both hands.

“Soon after, Chastain came over to say hello to Kidman and her husband Keith Urban,” Chun told Vulture.

We rate this post False.

Jack C. Nugent