New Series on Broadcast Networks in 2022-23: Photo Gallery – Deadline

Broadcast networks have largely made their pickups of new series for next season.

Choices include multiple IP-based shows, including spinoffs The rookie: the Feds for ABC, quantum leap and night yard for NBC, real lies for CBS, Fox’s missing person procedural drama Alert by John Eisendrath, and Supernatural spin off The Winchesters, Walker: Independence and Gotham Knights for the CW. There are also some star vehicles: the ABC drama Alaska, which was originally created with Hilary Swank as the lead; CBS drama by Max Thieriot land of fire; The recruit: the feds, with Niecy Nash; and NBC comedy Lopez versus Lopez with George Lopez.

New Series on Broadcast Networks in 2022-23: Photo Gallery

Fox is also offering its fall series on the country music dynasty. Monarch, leftovers from this season, plus straight-to-series anthology dramas Accusedoriginally ordered in May.

This is not the complete list of new series for next season; there’s a slew of off-cycle pilots — mostly drama — at ABC and NBC that will be delivered and evaluated over the summer for midseason series review. (true lies at CBS is also for mid-season.)

Click on the image above to launch the gallery of new series broadcast for the 2022-23 season.

Jack C. Nugent