New profile picture scam rumors debunked as photo editing app goes viral

Social media users are obsessed with an app called New Profile Pic, but baseless rumors are flooding Twitter that it’s a scam.

The app, which went viral in May 2022, is a photo editing platform that changes your profile picture to look like a painting.

It is available online and on iOS and Android app stores and allows people to convert their photos into cartoon portraits.

The new site has gone viral over the past week as people create a cartoon version of themselves to set as profile pictures.

However, many are now deleting the app as rumors flood Twitter that New Profile Pic is a scam – but there is currently no truth to this.

New profile photo

New Profile Picture Scam Rumors Debunked

Twitter is flooded with rumors that New Profile Pic, or New Profile Picture Maker as it is also known, is a scam.

There are fears that the photo editing app is actually a phishing scam that will take your information and money.

Some social media users claim that the app does this using your app store details.

However, these are baseless rumors that have no confirmation and as far as the public knows, the app hasn’t caused any problems.

There is no evidence that anyone has been taken out of money and the platform seems safe.

The rumors emerged after people claimed the site, created by an app development group called Informe Laboratories, Inc, was Russian.

When you search the website Who isthe GoDaddy domain appears to be registered in Moscow, but there is no evidence that it is a scam.

The free app already has 1,400 ratings on the iOS App Store and an overall rating of 4.8.

You should always be wary of new apps

Although there is no evidence to suggest that New Profile Pic is a scam, you should still exercise caution with new apps.

Jake Moore, Global Cybersecurity Advisor at ESET Internet Security, said MailOnline that people should be “incredibly careful” when uploading photos to new websites.

“I would question any app that wants that amount of data, especially one that is largely unknown and based in another country,” he said.

By downloading and using New Profile Pic or any similar editing app, you always agree to share personal information, such as your name, location, email address and photos.

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How to use the new profile picture

The app is available on iOS and Android App Store and is called New Profile Picture Maker.

You can also access it online, where it’s called New Profile Pic, but the site is the same whether you use the app or the website.

All you have to do is upload a photo from your picture library that you want to turn into a cartoon.

Then the image will be turned into a painting that can be downloaded to your camera roll and set as your social media profile picture.

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