Nashville Environmental Sustainability Photo Contest

Description of the competition

The Metro Nashville Mayor’s Sustainability Advisory Committee seeks photographs that represent Nashville’s environmental successes and opportunities. Photos can include a range of environmental issues, impacts or solutions. Entries will be judged on their relevance to the theme, as well as their composition, originality and technical quality, and will include an open public vote. Winners will be exhibited online and in various locations around Nashville. The contest is open to residents of Davidson and surrounding counties.

Call for applications: Opening early December 2022. Sign up to receive an email notification when the contest opens.

Submission deadline : February 15, 2023

Contest winners

Winners will be selected in three age categories and multiple themes. Submissions will be viewed and voted on online, and winners will be displayed online and in various venues around Nashville. Photographers will be on display for their work, while helping and educating the public about the importance of environmental sustainability.

Age categories

  • Less than 12 years
  • 12 – 18 years old
  • Over 18


Candidates can submit their application under one of the following themes. The prompts under each theme are provided as examples for each theme, but the entries are not limited to these examples.

  • Energy including conservation, use, environmental impact, green infrastructure, vehicle to grid and electric vehicles
  • Transportation including vehicles, pedestrians, bicycles and public transport
  • Buildings including energy efficient design, neighborhoods, landscaping, site design and design for less waste
  • Waste including food waste, recycling, waste reduction and diversion, water, energy
  • Natural resources including energy, water, air, wildlife, landscaping, land use
  • Environmental justice including negative environmental impacts on low-income, minority and disadvantaged communities
  • Resilience including addressing climate change and environmental issues through preparedness, floods, heat, extreme weather, urban canopy, green infrastructure and community support

Requirements for submissions

Applicants will need to meet the technical requirements and caption requirements for the following photos.

The technical requirements

To be displayed in our online gallery without being stretched or distorted, photographs must be submitted in .jpeg, .jpg or .gif format, edited for web in sRGB color space, at least 2000 pixels wide and not exceeding 10 MB.

Subtitle Requirements

The photo credit must include:

  • Photographer’s full name
  • Location where the photo was taken
  • Date the photo was taken

The caption has a maximum word limit of 150 words and must include or address the following:

  • Who or what is represented in the photo?
  • Description of how the photo is the content is related to the environment (positively or negatively)
  • How does the photo represent the category?
  • Tell us what inspired you to take the photo?
  • What does this photo say about our community?


Will be excluded from the competition the photos which:

  • Are not in digital format and submitted electronically
  • Have been significantly retouched or modified with software
  • Contain obscene, inflammatory, defamatory, explicit or otherwise objectionable or inappropriate content
  • Infringe copyright or misrepresent the work of others
  • Include watermarks, timestamps, or logos
  • Have not met all submission requirements
  • Are compressed files
  • Do not include photographer credit, caption and location
  • Have previously been published (except on the photographer’s personal social media accounts)
  • Are not taken in the Metro Nashville/Davidson County area or surrounding counties

Copyright and Use

The artists participating in the contest grant Metro Nashville the right to use these photographs to promote the contest on its website, social networks, newsletter, catalogs, exhibition or through its partners. However, the copyright is retained by the artists.

Release form

Applicants will be required to sign a release form for each submission.

Submissions will open in early December 2022.

Resources from the Mayor’s Office of Sustainability

2021 Report of the Mayor’s Advisory Committee on Sustainable Development

2021 Climate Change Mitigation Action Plan

Jack C. Nugent