Nadine Coyle remembers Girls Aloud costar Sarah Harding with sweet throwback photo of them partying together

Nadine Coyle from GIRLS Aloud paid homage to him the late teammate Sarah Harding in a fun throwback photo.

The singer died in October aged 39 following a battle with breast cancer and Nadine paid tribute to her with a photo of their “good times”.


Nadine Coyle (L) shared a throwback photo of her Girls Aloud bandmate Sarah HardingCredit: Instagram

Nadine’s photo showed them at a party with Sarah funnyily making a rude gesture and behind them was a boy named Cedric.

“I don’t know when or where it was, but I know we had a blast!! ❤️🥰🕊,” Nadine captured on the Instagram post.

Her fans loved the throwback photo and remembered how much they loved Sarah.

“Fabulous picture! Sarah is loved and always missed ❤️,” one fan commented.

Another added: “We miss her ❤️”

And a third wrote: “Wonderful photo.. so many memories to cherish ❤️

A few months after Sarah’s death, Nadine told The Sun that she was convinced she had been visited by her ghost.

Nadine has since had several incidents of objects being thrown across the rooms, which she is convinced were Sarah’s doing.

She was filming an Irish TV show called Last Singer Standing at the time and said the creepy antics left her castmates on the show “screaming” in fear.

Nadine said: “She definitely made her presence known a few times.

“There were a few days when my headphones flew off the table while I was sitting doing my makeup.

“It happened three days in a row for no reason, they just crossed over.

“The hair and make-up girls were like, ‘It must be Sarah, there’s no reason for them to fly so far.

“And then I was talking about her one night in my house and something was flying off a shelf. I was like, ‘Is that Sarah? Is she just throwing stuff?

“It’s so fresh and I still think she’s going to call, I’m still at that stage. Then stuff was flying and I was like, ‘Could this be…?’ »

Following her death last month, Nadine posted about Sarah on Instagram and wrote, “Please feel free to come visit me anytime.”

When asked if she was comforted by the supernatural events, Nadine continued, “I definitely do.

“Hairdressers and make-up artists were running around shouting, ‘Not yet! What is happening?!’ But I was like, ‘Maybe it could be.’

“I just want her to text me saying, ‘Yeah, that’s me, I just threw your headphones at you. “”

They were in Girls Aloud for a decade with Cheryl Tweedy, Kimberley Walsh and Nicola Roberts and planned to reunite in 2022 for a 20th anniversary tour.

Sarah died last year after a battle with cancer


Sarah died last year after a battle with cancerCredit: Twitter
They met when they joined the pop group Girls Aloud


They met when they joined the pop group Girls AloudCredit: PA
The two remained good friends even after the band broke up


The two remained good friends even after the band broke upCredit: Getty

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