Meta is rolling out new ad placements and formats for the photo-sharing platform

Image source: PIXABAY instagram

To help advertisers reach their targeted customers on its photo and video sharing platform, Meta announced the launch of new ad placements and formats on Instagram.

Businesses can now place ads in Explore Home, the grid people see when they first land on the Explore tab.

“We’re also starting to test ads in profile feed, which is the feed experience that people can navigate after visiting another account’s profile and tapping on a message,” the company said in the blog post. .

“As part of this test, we will experiment with a monetization opportunity that will allow eligible creators to earn additional revenue from ads displayed in their profile feeds, starting with select US creators,” he added.

When someone interacts with an ad, the company shows ads underneath that it thinks might be interesting, powered by machine learning.

The platform said it found that adding multi-advertiser contextual ads to existing Instagram feed ad campaigns outperformed running campaigns for shopping result compared to those that didn’t include no multi-advertiser ads.

To make it easier for businesses to create Reels ads, the platform said it deploys high-quality free songs from our Meta Sound Collection that can be added to carousel ads on Reels.

Businesses can select a song from our library or allow the app to automatically choose the best music for an ad based on its content.

“At Meta, we are focused on creating products for businesses that meet people where they are. We invest in a discovery ecosystem that generates connection with customers, demand for products and interest in brands. “, said the company.

It’s also launching a test of post-loop ads — skippable, self-contained 4-10 second video ads that play after a reel ends — to help businesses better connect with customers through Reels on Facebook.

“When the ad is over, the original reel resumes and loops again. We’re also testing image carousel ads for reels starting today. These side-scrolling ads may include 2 to 10 image ads and will be displayed at the bottom of Facebook Reels content,” the platform said.

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