Mediaclip™ can now integrate automatic Perfectly Clear® photo enhancement into its design module to provide customers with exceptional image quality on custom products

Businesses using Mediaclip’s white label product personalization technology, with Perfectly Clear, will benefit from increased conversion rates through exceptional image rendering, delivering the best possible product that decreases order returns.

Montreal, QC & Calgary, AB Canada — Mediaclip™ today announced the integration of Perfectly Clear® automatic image enhancement technology into its white label product personalization software solution. The addition of Perfectly Clear ensures optimized image quality of consumer orders to reduce returns and reprints, increase conversion and deliver the best possible product.

“We are always trying to improve our offering, and we have no doubt that Perfectly Clear will show an immediate return on investment to our customers,” said Christian Rondeau, Chief Technology Officer of Mediaclip. “When working with consumer images, you are limited by the quality of the downloads. With Perfectly Clear, we have the power to change that for our customers – their automatic corrections are optimized to bring out the best in photos both on screen and in print.

Perfectly Clear, created by EyeQ Imaging Inc, is a world-renowned suite of automatic image correction tools licensed from companies around the world. Proven technology uses a blend of real science and AI to intelligently correct images based on their needs. Up to 40 automatic corrections can be made to each image, such as exposure, sharpness, AI skin tone accuracy and depth.

“We’ve seen a tremendous return on investment with Perfectly Clear when used by companies that print consumer photos,” said Brad Malcolm, co-founder and CEO of EyeQ Imaging Inc. in post-launch feedback. work, not to mention increased conversions and sales through better image quality. We are also pleased to see these results thanks to the integration of Mediaclip.

Pricing for Perfectly Clear can be charged per image or as a flat rate and is determined by volume between customer and EyeQ. To start using Perfectly Clear through Mediaclip, the integration path is currently offered free to customers for a limited time only. You can learn more about Mediaclip at and more on Perfectly Clear at

Jack C. Nugent