Mahogany sparks relationship rumors with Ben’s new pic

90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days’ Mahogany Roca is fueling reconciliation rumors with Ben Rathbun after sharing a romantic photo with him.

New 90 day fiance The Mahogany Roca franchise star recently posted a romantic photo with Ben Rathbun, 52, which fueled the couple’s latest relationship rumours. The duo was last featured on 90 Day Fiance: Before 90 Days season 5. During the intro segment, Ben revealed that Mahogany contacted him after seeing his model photos online. The couple started talking and realized they had similar religious beliefs and family values. Despite a 30-year age gap, Ben and Mahogany began to pursue each other romantically. However, when the Michigan native finally decided to fly to Peru to see his young girlfriend in person, she refused to meet him.


Many 90 day fiance viewers felt their relationship was one-sided because Mahogany lied to Ben about his age and living situation. In fact, her behavior made fans think she was probably an American actress that TLC hired to play the part. However, the couple spoke of their intention to marry during the 90 Day Fiance: Before 90 Days Says it all. But they stopped posting photos together on social media as soon as the season ended, which convinced fans that the duo had broken up.

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However, 90 day fiance Mahogany, a franchise alum, has now posted a cuddly photo with her American boyfriend, Ben, on Instagram, suggesting they’re back together. The couple could be seen enjoying a date night in their glamorous outfits. While Mahogany wore a red outfit, Ben wore a black blazer and beige pants. Although the photo is slightly out of focus, fans can see 22-year-old reality star Mahogany looking lovingly at her man, and he’s also grinning from ear to ear. Mahogany avoided giving an explanation with this image and just used a clinking glasses emoji in the caption.

Ever since Mahogany claimed she never saw Ben as her boyfriend, many 90 day fiance viewers are now stunned to see her share a romantic moment with him. A shocked Instagram user asked the Peruvian native: “Are you still with Ben???“Another user intervened,”Are they seeing each other again? the Lord has mercy.” Someone else called Ben writing: “A man acting like a little boy trying to be with a young girl.” Other 90 day fiance fans believe Mahogany shared this photo with Ben to stay relevant and promote his side businesses, such as his Cameo channel and YouTube.

It’s possible that Ben and Mahogany decided to post this photo to stay in the spotlight. The couple already have over 30,000 Instagram followers, and they could fake their relationship to gain more fans. Mahogany recently lost weight and now wears more revealing clothes than before. Her Instagram grid suggests that she is either trying to be a fashion influencer or break into the modeling industry. Since the couple aggressively uses 90 day fiance hashtags with their Instagram posts, it’s possible this romantic photo was posted to mislead fans.

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