Lindsay Lohan recreated a photo of her parents Trap Days in London

Finally an excuse to watch Lindsay Lohan in The parent trap again before the end of the summer.

The ’90s are the decade in which all of Leonardo DiCaprio’s recent ex-girlfriends were born, and Lindsay Lohan’s decade of supremacy. In 1998, Lohan starred in The parent trap directed by Nancy Meyers. In the film, Lohan plays twins Hallie Parker and Annie James. Hallie lives in California with her father and Annie lives in London with her mother. The twins switch places after meeting at summer camp so they can get to know their parents and so they can try to put them back together. Lohan, now 36, has just recreated a family photo of the parent trap time in London with his little brother, Dakota.

On Instagram on Tuesday, August 29, Lohan shared two photos on her grid. One, taken recently, shows her brother Dakota, 26, holding her in front of the iconic Big Ben tower in London. In the second photo, Lohan is back in the 90s, in one of her signature Annie costumes, holding her baby brother Dakota in front of Big Ben.

Lohan captioned the photo “Now and Then” with the hashtags “#TheParentTrap” and “#bffs.” At this time, it’s unclear if this caption refers to the 1995 classic. From time to time with Rosie O’Donnell, Demi Moore, Christina Ricci and Thora Birch, or a reference to the passage of time. It could be both!

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Twenty twenty-two marks something of a comeback for Lohan. She’ll return to theaters later this year in Netflix’s original holiday movie Fall for Christmas. Earlier this year, she starred in a Planet Fitness Super Bowl commercial, which heavily referenced her past with a wink. In July, Lohan announced that she had secretly married Bader Shammas, who she had been dating since 2019.

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