Kardashian fans think Kylie Jenner posted an unaltered photo of her driver’s license to put an end to claims she uses Photoshop

Kylie Jenner has posted an unpublished photo of her driver’s license.

Surprised Kardashian fans think she was trying to end the Photoshop claims with the “random” move.


Kylie Jenner has been accused of ‘photoshopping’ her figure and looking ‘unnatural’ in a recent tutorialCredit: Kylie Jenner/Instagram
Some fans believe the mum-of-2 posted her driver's license in response


Some fans believe the mum-of-2 posted her driver’s license in responseCredit: Kylie Jenner/Instagram

Kylie, 24, took to her Instagram grid on May 15 to, interestingly enough, share a legal document.

The youngest Kardashian-Jenner sister and mother of two posted her California driver’s license on Instagram without a caption.

Her long brown hair was flowing and she looked naturally beautiful — especially since the photo is usually taken at her local DMV.

Also in the frame was a serial number, as many fans took to the comments section with their praise.

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Longtime pal Stassie Karanikolaou – who recently admitted to ‘botched’ plastic surgeries to ‘look like her friends’, although she didn’t name names – commented, ‘hot’.

Another wrote of Kylie’s smoke in a snap, “Wish my ID was this perfect.”

A third gushed: “You don’t know yourself well when you can pose from any angle.”

However, a fourth commented: “Now it’s random.”

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Indeed, on Reddit, more fans wondered why Kylie posted her driver’s license.

One thread was titled “Kylie’s new post?” And one started, “There’s no caption or anything, what does that mean?”

But soon a theory emerged that Kylie was trying to shut down claims that she photoshops her images like her famous family has been criticized and admitted to doing.

“I think that’s a statement ‘I don’t use photoshop’ to be honest,” one wrote.

Another commented, “Probably just wanted to show how beautiful she looks on her driver’s license…”


Although Kylie has been showing off her natural skin a lot lately, she has been criticized for having her lips filled in, being too tanned and not looking real.

After sharing a video on Instagram last month, Kylie went full makeup, but all fans could talk about was her sloppy lip fillers.

One commented under her silent cosmetics tutorial, “I love you, but the lips look way too big.”

“Honestly thought the same. She went too far,” wrote another.

Sadly, dozens of people thought she looked totally different and thought she also had botox.

The first procedure Kylie ever received was lip fillers – which she did in 2015 aged 17, quickly becoming a famous feature on her face.


Fans have also accused Kylie of editing a video of her showing off her abs just two months after giving birth to her son.

The beauty mogul bragged about her midsection in the caption to her Instagram Story as she posed, “My abs here are finally trying to make a comeback,” along with a slew of praying hand emojis .

Reddit users, however, weren’t convinced the video was recently recorded.

The original poster wrote, “Kylie just posted this…are we really supposed to believe this is a recent video of her?”

Another replied: “Is it even humanly possible to get your abs back just two months after giving birth?”


Meanwhile, sister Khloe Kardashian, 38, was torn after fans noticed “the mirror was curved” in one of her earlier posts.

The image appeared distorted, implying that she had edited it – although she apparently lied and captioned the image: “I rarely post in real time.”

Sister Kim Kardashian has also infamously admitted to photographing the head of her sister Khloe’s daughter, True, on the head of Kylie’s daughter, Stormi, in a bizarre move by Disneyland for her “Instagram aesthetic.”

Kylie and Astroworld rapper Travis Scott, 31, share Stormi, four, and their newborn baby – whom they welcomed in February and have yet to name.

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They enjoyed a tropical vacation after the Hulu star’s appearance at the Met Gala, which saw her show up in one of the most extravagant outfits of the evening.

Kylie has been praised for becoming vulnerable with her postpartum body by pointing out her stretch marks and extra weight despite rumors that she has more work to do and retouches too many photos.

Kylie posted her driver's license on Instagram on Sunday, and fans believe it was to shut down the photoshop rumors


Kylie posted her driver’s license on Instagram on Sunday, and fans believe it was to shut down the photoshop rumors1 credit
She was praised for talking about her postpartum journey


She was praised for talking about her postpartum journeyCredit: Kylie Jenner/Instagram
Sister Khloe Kardashian posted a 'curved mirror' selfie, and the famous family regularly has photoshop issues


Sister Khloe Kardashian posted a ‘curved mirror’ selfie, and the famous family regularly has photoshop issuesCredit: Instagram

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