Ipswich boy tops two categories in RHS photo competition

16:00 21 April 2022

A homework project has won a 10-year-old boy two prizes in the Royal Horticultural Society’s annual photography competition.

Alex Chapman recently won U11 Picture of the Year, as well as Young Person Overall Picture of the Year in a competition run by the RHS.

His “Worlds Colliding” photo was declared by the RHS alongside the “Three Worlds lithograph” series by Dutch artist MC Escher.

Alex Chapman’s winning piece “Worlds Colliding”
– Credit: Alex Chapman

The image was taken by Alex on a family homework day in January, on his mother’s iPhone XR at RHS Hyde Hall Gardens in Essex.

Alex said: “I took a few, but most of them were blurry, but this one wasn’t.

“Our school has a homework grid, and there is a teacher who finds contests that we can enter at the beginning of each semester and my mother said that I had to enter and that was a good excuse for a day.

Alex attends Witnesham Primary School, and the family have praised the school and Alex’s teacher, Ms Larsen, for being proactive about homework and giving the children opportunities like this.

Alex’s mum Charlotte said: “He applied online submitting the top 10 photos and then the curators choose the one they like the most.

“I didn’t really think it was the best, but it really caught their attention, I think it was the arrangement of how everything lined up, and they were thrilled about it.”

Alex Chapman, 10, recently won the RHS Under-11 award and overall youth photography of the year.

Alex Chapman, 10, recently won the RHS Under-11 award and overall youth photography of the year.
– Credit: Charlotte Carey

By winning both categories, Alex won £900 in photography vouchers, as well as being invited to the prestigious Saatchi Contemporary Art Gallery in London.

Charlotte said: “The RHS currently have an exhibition in the gallery, it’s similar to the Chelsea Flower Show but for art.

“We got an invite to their opening night and Alex got to meet the curators who selected his picture and a lot of people came.

Alex said it was “quite exciting” to see her picture in a London art gallery, and is delighted that her picture will travel to exhibitions across the UK being held in the RHS Gardens.

Jack C. Nugent