iOS 16 Tidbits: built-in currency converter, undo for photo edits, and more.

iOS 16 is a big release with major changes across the board, from a completely redesigned and customizable lock screen to updates to Focus Mode, CarPlay, and more.

Apart from major changes, there are a lot of small changes and new features that Apple is introducing this year. While there are plenty more to discover over the next few weeks and months, we’ve compiled a few below.

Built-in currency converter

currency converter ios 16
With ‌iOS 16‌, Apple is giving Live Text, introduced last year, some new tricks. In the Camera app on ‌iOS 16‌, point your iPhone camera at a price tag and Live Text will offer a currency conversion in the lower left corner.

Live text and quick actions now also support translation in the Camera app. The Translate app also gets a new Camera mode dedicated to image-to-text translation.

Undo and redo for photo editing

ios 16 photo undo redo
The Photos app on ‌iOS 16‌ and iPadOS 16 gains undo and redo capabilities, which means if you accidentally make a change to your photo that you might not like, you can easily undo or redo.

Notifications for shared reminder list

With the Reminders app on ‌iOS 16‌, users who are in a shared list with friends and family will now receive a notification when a specific task is marked as complete or when a new task is added.

Disable Spotlight Home Screen Shortcut

ios 16 home screen search shortcut
On ‌iOS 16‌, by default, the home screen page indicators just above the dock on the home screen serve as a Spotlight search shortcut. Some users may not like this, and luckily Apple has provided an option to turn it off in settings under “Home Screen”.

Early betas of ‌iOS 16‌ and iPadOS 16 are currently available to developers with a public beta scheduled for July. Find a nice treat or feature on ‌iOS 16‌? Let us know in the comments or mention us on Twitter @MacRumors.

Jack C. Nugent