Indian photographer receives Global Peace Photo Award 2022 –

The main prize of 10,000 euros, “Peace Image of the Year 2022”, was awarded to Indian photographer Sourav Das for his report on how, during the Corona-related global education emergency, the initiative to Indian teacher Deepnarayan Nayak transformed the walls of his village. blackboard houses.

Sourav Das and his photo

Incidentally, Sourav Das, born in 1987, also describes his camera as a learning tool. He invokes the famous photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson when he says: “With one eye you look at the world, with the other inside yourself. In 2011, Das graduated with a Master of Arts, then focused on photography.

He considers himself a “street photographer” and wants to document social change in his society. He believes that photography can be as meaningful as a short story, a song or a painting.

For millions of girls and boys, Corona meant they could no longer attend any school, often for months at a time. Corona had created a global educational emergency that was more than a loss of learning for the little one: in many poor countries, the closure of schools also meant that children no longer had their only solid meal of the day. But there were wonderful exceptions too! There have been initiatives like that of the Indian teacher Deepnarayan Nayak, who unceremoniously moved the school from his village outside. He turned the walls of houses into blackboards. He painted infection precautions on the walls, taught children to use masks and had them finish school outside at safe intervals, even the subject of biology, including an exam under the microscope.

Indian photographer Sourav Das captured scenes of daily life in this exceptionally creative and endearing village school. He created a small monument to this peaceful action. And at the smallest level imaginable, one of the 54 articles of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child has been implemented here: the right to education.

Children’s peace image of the year 2022

The best peace picture in the children and youth category, “Children’s Peace Picture of the Year 2022”, worth 1000 euros, was won by 10-year-old Zoya Yeadon from Mauritius.

Her photo, “Dreaming in the Peaceful Sea,” shows the seemingly weightless floating and dreaming in a peaceful sea surrounded by reflections of light and blue. Zoya Yeadon is a good swimmer. But that is now the least spectacular thing that can be said of her. Born in Mauritius, she is in fact, as her father says, “a nomad at heart”. Curious about the world. She has spent the past five years in a motorhome, traveling to over 80 countries. It is taught in a program at Wolsey Hall Oxford, perhaps the most famous home-schooling college, at least one of the oldest schools of its kind, founded in 1894. Its best subjects? Geography, of course. And math and English. But in addition to her mother tongue, Zoya is fluent in Russian and French. Her father describes her as “incredibly resilient” and “imperturbable in a crisis”. As cheerful as it is fearless. Zoya takes photos with one of her father’s Leica cameras. “And if it existed, today Zoya should be presented with another prize. She made the longest journey ever undertaken by a winner to be present at this beautiful evening. After landing in Dubai, she left for Vienna October 10. In his father’s car via Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Israel, then by ferry to Greece…”, says the laudator Peter-Matthias Gaede.

World Peace Photo Prize 2022

In his welcome speech, Wolfgang Sobotka, President of the Austrian National Council, highlighted the extraordinary cooperation with the Global Peace Photo Award and how important it is to provide a forum for peace in these times. This commitment will be even more evident in the Austrian Parliament in the future. The photos of the winners will be displayed in the auditorium for one year at a time. This is the room where the press conferences will mainly take place.

Lois Lammerhuber, who together with his wife Silvia Lammerhuber initiated the Global Peace Photo Award and organized it from the start, reminded us that “peace is not the absence of war, but something I would like to call “A Successful Life. Every year, the photos and stories submitted touch us anew with their creativity and passion for what is good and peaceful in this world.”

The award was inspired by Austrian pacifist and writer Alfred Hermann Fried (born November 11, 1864, Vienna; † May 4, 1921, Vienna). Fried was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1911, along with the organizer of the Hague Conference on Private International Law, Tobias Asser.

World Peace Photo Prize

Jack C. Nugent