How to Use Photo Collections in Messages on iPad and iPhone

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Check How to Use Photo Collections in Messages on iPad and iPhone

Sending photos to loved ones through iMessage has always been a great way to share great pictures and precious memories, especially since the best iPhone has an amazing array of cameras. Regardless, in iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 it did a lot better with photo collections.

A photo collection is just a group of photos that you send through the Messages app; However, today, unlike getting many individual photos in the thread, each of those photos will appear in a stack. This means that your message chain won’t be really cluttered, but will give you the ability to quickly browse through lots of photos right on the spot.

You can even download all photos with just one button and respond to individual photos as you see fit. These are the ways to use the photo collections in Messages on iPhone and iPad.

How can I use the photo collection in messages?

  • Open the Message app on your iPad or iPhone.
  • Open the conversation of the person you want to send picture messages to.
  • Now tap the Apps icon, which appears on the left side of the text message. (The text field)
  • Now the Photo app option will appear, it has the same icon as the Photos app icon on the same screen. This option will be in the left corner of the bar.
  • Click on it to open the photo library. Now select the photos you want to send.
    • You can also add comments to individual photos or a group of photos if you want.
  • Now tap on send option and all photos will be sent in a group.

Viewing photos in the photo collection

When you send four or more of the four photos at the same time, the photo collection function is activated. This function combines all the photos sent in a single message. To view the photos in the photo collection, follow the method below.

  • Tap any group photo to view them in full size.
  • Now swipe left or right to view the photos in the photo collection.
  • Keep swiping your finger to view all photos.

You can also display the photo in the grid view if you prefer. This is how you can switch to grid view in the photo collection.

  • The grid view option is at the top of the screen when you open a photo in the photo group. It is the icon of the four squires.
  • You can now scroll up and down to see all photos in the photo collection.
  • Touch a photo to view it in full screen mode.
  • To return from the full screen tab to the icon

How to download photos from the photo collection

  • The great thing about collecting photos in Messages is that you can download all of your photos at once. Or you can also upload individual photos if you want.
  • The download button will appear next to the photo collection. Touch to download all photos in the photo collection. Also, you can open the photo collection and click the download button next to the individual photos to download them separately. Additionally, all uploaded photos will appear in the Photos app.

Final Words: How to Use Photo Collections in Messages on iPad and iPhone

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