How to turn your photo into WhatsApp stickers: follow these simple steps

WhatsApp introduced WhatsApp stickers to its users in 2018, and since then it has become a popular way to use them while chatting. Previously, you could create and send stickers for your photos using third-party apps, which was also very time-consuming. But now you can make your sticker without using any third party app. Also Read – Happy New Year 2022: How to Download, Send New Year Stickers on WhatsApp

Previously, you had to install a third-party app from the Google Play Store and convert it to WhatsApp stickers. But now you can do it directly in WhatsApp itself. Also Read – How You Can Convert Your Photo To WhatsApp Stickers

Currently, this feature is only available on WhatsApp Web. WhatsApp Web’s sticker feature makes it easy to create custom stickers. Here is how you can create custom whatsapp stickers for yourself on occasion, or if you are planning to wish on an upcoming festival or birthday, you can follow these steps to create stickers on whatsapp. Also Read – Happy Dusshera 2021 Messages, Images, Stickers, Quotes: How to Create, Send Happy Vijayadashami Greetings via WhatsApp

As a reminder, WhatsApp has rolled out WhatsApp Sticker Maker, allowing users to create their personalized stickers. It added a feature to convert any photo into WhatsApp sticker. Although it is currently only available on WhatsApp Web and will come to WhatsApp’s desktop app for Windows and Mac in the coming weeks, it can be used as your personal WhatsApp account depending on the occasion. , a festival, a birthday or your group chat .

STEP 1: Open WhatsApp Web and go to any chat window.

STEP 2: Tap the attachment icon and select a sticker.

STEP 3: Now a file explorer window will open. Select a photo you want to turn into a WhatsApp sticker.

STEP 4: Once done, adjust the corner of the box and press the send arrow.

STEP 5: Users can right click or long press the sticker and save it for later use.

STEP 6: WhatsApp users can also save their personalized WhatsApp stickers by right clicking or long pressing. You can use it later after saving it.

STEP 7: Also, one thing is that if you take a photo with a cut background, WhatsApp stickers will look different from third parties because currently the background is not removed automatically in this functionality.

Jack C. Nugent