How to turn live photo into video

Apple Live Photos are photos on steroids. When you take a live photo on your iPhone, it captures 1.5 seconds of video before and after you press the shutter button. The result is not only your picture, but also the scene enhanced by movement and sound when you press and hold the picture on your device. Live Photos debuted in 2015 alongside the iPhone 6S, and they’re easy to create because the process is exactly the same as taking any other type of photo.

But there are downsides. Live photos in their native form can only be viewed by other iOS users. To share your Live Photos with someone else, you can convert them to a video or GIF. Otherwise, when Live Photos are shared outside of the Apple ecosystem, they revert to static images. Another downside to live photos is that they take up more storage space than other photos. So you may want to create a video to store elsewhere so that you can delete the large file from your iPhone.

To find all your live photos, just launch the Photos app and press the button. Albums icon. This will take you to an album called Live Photos, where you will see all the photos taken while the Live Photo option was enabled. If you want to keep the movement and ambient sound of your live photos for display elsewhere, you need to convert them to videos. We show you how to do this.

Save as video

In iOS 13, 14, and 15, there is an option in the Photos app – Save as Video – that lets you save a live photo as a video with just one click, no third-party apps are needed.

  • Open a live photo in the Photos app.
  • Press the To share button.
  • Faucet Save as video.
  • You can even tap Edit Actions to move the Save As Video command up for easier access.

The Photos app creates a new video next to the live photo.

Loop or rebound

Apple introduced the Loop and Bounce feature of the Photos app in iOS 11, and it’s handy for creating special effects video or animation. Here’s how to use it in iOS 13 and 14.

  • Open the Photos app and choose a live photo.
  • Swipe up to access the effects, and choose either Loop Where Bounce. Loop turns your Live Photo into a short loop that plays continuously without pausing. Bounce moves the subject of your photo back and forth.
  • Once you have created a video file, you can share it on social media or via email or text.

In iOS 15, the interface is simplified. Just tap the desired image, tap the Live button just above it, and choose from the drop-down menu.

Use shortcuts

You can use the Shortcuts app – built into iOS since iOS 13 – to convert a live photo to video or GIF. Apple doesn’t like third-party shortcuts, and by default Apple blocks all shortcuts available for download if there is a security issue. If you try to run a third-party shortcut, iPhone sends an alert that Shortcut’s security settings do not allow it, but there is a workaround: you can enable untrusted shortcuts. Here’s how to do it.

  • To throw Settings.
  • Go to Shortcuts section.
  • Light up Allow untrusted shortcuts. You must have run at least one shortcut in the past to activate the setting.
  • Type your password if requested.
  • To use the Convert Live Photos to Video shortcut from the Shortcuts gallery website, you will need to search for it through your search engine.
  • Open the shortcut link on your iPhone and tap Get a shortcut.
  • On the Shortcuts page, tap Get a shortcut.
  • Faucet Open to open in the Shortcuts app.
  • Faucet Add unreliable short circuitto cut, after which you will see the new shortcut along with the rest of your saved shortcuts.
  • Tap the shortcut and tap Okay to allow him to access your photos.
  • Go to your Live Photos folder and tap the image you want to use.
  • Faucet Okay to authorize the shortcut to access notifications.

When the shortcut is complete, you will receive an alert that the new video has been added to your Camera Roll.

In iOS 15, the Unreliable shortcuts toggle has been removed. The best way to add non-Apple shortcuts is to try them out to see if they work. If you receive an alert, follow the onscreen instructions. Most of the third-party shortcuts we tried worked immediately, but your mileage may vary. While shortcuts can be used to convert live photos to video, luckily there’s still the old-fashioned way through the Photos app – always a sure thing.

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