How to take the best photo

If you like posting photos to Facebook or Instagram, or if you’re just hoping to get a decent family photo for an annual card, there are some great tips you can follow to take the best photo.

You don’t have to be a professional photographer to learn some basic skills to take better quality photos.

Best ways to take a photo


The best way to improve your photography skills is to focus on composition and how your subject is framed. the rule of thirds is a trick that suggests you keep the subject(s) of your photo within the 4 intersection points of a grid, like this:

If your photo has a person as the subject, try aligning them to one of the two vertical lines and making their eye meet one of the intersecting red dots on the grid. If you’re taking a group shot, use the top horizontal line as a guide for where your group’s eye line should be. So how do you use the rule of thirds when taking a photo?

Turn on your camera grid

To compose a better shot, be sure to turn on the Grid function on the camera of your smartphone.

  • Go to Settings
  • Scroll to Camera
  • Under Dialing, tap to switch to the Grid setting
  • You should now see lines to help compose photos while using your camera
  • Open your camera app
  • Faucet Settings (the wheel icon in the upper left corner)
  • Under Useful functions, tap to switch to the Grid setting
  • Older Samsung phones let you choose your grid size, but newer phones will only offer the standard 3×3 grid


It’s 2022, so you’ve probably taken a selfie at one point or another. But did you know that you can use your camera’s selfie function to take better photos of yourself and groups?

By investing in a Bluetooth remote and an inexpensive tripod, you can use a smartphone almost anywhere and start taking selfies without your outstretched arm taking half the shot.

Bluetooth remote control

pack of 2 bluetooth remote controls

You can connect a small, handheld remote control to an iPhone or Android phone via Bluetooth, and take photos on your smartphone’s camera with the press of a button.

This 2-pack from Amazon works with phones via Bluetooth or an app called 360 camera. The button on the remote works like the button on your phone’s screen to take a photo or video.


Use this inexpensive, performance-packed telescopic phone tripod for great photos. Here are some tips for taking a great group photo while connected to a smartwatch. 62

iOS devices

The following only works if you have both an iPhone (or iPad) and an Apple Watch. If you don’t have an Apple Watch, check out the Bluetooth remote control option mentioned above.

1) Open the “Remote Camera App” on your apple watch
Remote camera app

2) After clicking on it, you will see that the your phone (or iPad) camera opens

3) Click the circular icon at the bottom right of your phone which looks like 2 arrows and it will flip your camera so the camera takes the photo from the front of the camera – which will also allow it to act as a viewfinder for you as you continue to set the shot.

4) Now place your phone high up or use a tripod

  • Make sure you lie on camera horizontal instead of vertical so you can better get everyone into the shot
  • Point: Click the circular icon in the upper right part of your phone screen to activate live photo option. This will record a quick mini-movie which will then allow you to select the perfect frame where everyone isn’t blinking! More information about this magic trick hereLive photo

5) Put everyone in position until you see everyone fit into the phone’s viewfinder.

6) On your Apple Watch screenyou will see a circular icon in the center that says “3s” (3 seconds). After clicking this icon it will give you 3 seconds until the photo is taken

Apple Watch Remote Camera App

7) Before pressing the 3s button on your apple watch,

  • tell everyone to direct their eyes to the top of the phone facing forward. You will see a small green light to know where the camera is. Be sure to double-check where the camera is based on how you aimed the camera

8) Hurry the “3s:” button. You’ll see a big “3”….”2″…”1″ appear in the viewfinder to give everyone a few seconds to look their best

9) Your photo is now in your camera roll, ready to be shared with your guests.

Android and Samsung devices

1) If you have an Android or Samsung Galaxy phone and a Galaxy Watch (Galaxy Watch Active, Galaxy Watch Active2, Galaxy Watch3, Galaxy Watch4 and Galaxy S9), here is what you need to do to connect the devices:

a) For Android Phonesnow you need to install the Wear OS app on your phone:

YouTube player

b) For Samsung phones using galaxy watch 4 series, click here to learn how to set up your smartwatch on your phone. Although the app is already installed on the Galaxy Watch4, all previous versions of the watch will require you to download the Camera Controller app on your phone and watch.

2) Once installed, open the Camera Controller app on your watch. Your phone’s camera will launch. You will be able to see a preview on your watch of what your phone is pointing to. On your watch, tap Capture to save photos and videos.

3) Once your family is together and your camera is pointed at you, open the Camera app, tap the Timer icon at the top of the watch screen aAnd you will see different time increments (2, 5 and 10 seconds).

4) When you’re ready, click the big white dot at the bottom of the screen to start the timer and take the shot. The photo will now be ready to review in your photo gallery on your phone.

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