How to post a live photo on Instagram

When Apple launched the Live Photo feature in 2015 with the release of the iPhone 6S, the purpose of this feature may have escaped you. After all, why would you need a replay of the frenzied moments of styling and posing before taking a picture? For other users, they might not have noticed the feature at all – accidentally unlocking an animated Harry Potter image after tapping on a photo from their camera roll. But, as users have become familiar with Live Photos over the years, they’ve probably found more purpose in them. The only thing better than taking the perfect engagement shot is capturing the moment right before your S/O gets down on one knee, or seeing your bestie’s whispered joke that sparked that classic laughing shot. .

Whether you’re posting a suitable photo or looking to add variety to your photo dump, tossing a Live Photo to the grid can help mix things up. After all, nothing says “straightforward” like a video of you shyly noticing your friend taking a picture of you.

However, just as Live Photos may have mystified many in their early days, posting a Live Photo to Instagram can also be a confusing process. You may have tried unsuccessfully to keep the live photo in the Instagram app or convert the live photo to a boomerang only to still show up on Instagram as a still photo. If you’re struggling to keep it “live” in your Live Photo, here’s everything you need to know about posting a Live Photo to Instagram.

How to post a Live Photo to your Instagram Story

To post a Live Photo to your Instagram story, the process is relatively simple. Simply open your Story tab as you normally would by swiping left on your Instagram homepage, or tapping the plus sign (+) icon in the top right corner and clicking “Story”. From there, tap on your camera roll in the lower left corner of your screen, then head over to the photo and click on it. Hold down the photo on your screen and the live photo will play like a boomerang. To return to the original still photo, simply press and hold it again. Then just tap “Your Story” and the live photo will be posted as a boomerang video to your feed.

How to Share a Live Photo as an Instagram Post

If you want to share a Live Photo as an Instagram post, you should first head to your camera roll app. Select the photo you would like to share and click the share button at the bottom left of the screen. (It looks like a box with an arrow pointing outward.) Scroll down to the camera icon button that says “Save as Video”, and the Live Photo video will change to available in your camera roll.

Then simply post the video as you normally would by opening Instagram, selecting the plus (+) sign icon and clicking “Post”. Select your video from your camera roll and let your subscribers watch the behind-the-scenes making of your live photo in real time.

Jack C. Nugent