How to make a photo collage for Instagram Story

instagram added the Stories feature to its platform a few years ago. The feature is quite similar to Snapchat stories and allows users to post photos and videos that will only be viewable for 24 hours. Stories appear at the top of the feed and are accessible with a single click. Users can also edit and add various effects to their stories using the tools provided by Instagram. Last month, the platform also added a feature allowing each user to share links on Stories. Previously, it was only available to limited users. But did you know that you can also create a collage for a instagram story. To learn how to create a collage for your Instagram story, you can follow these steps.


Open the Instagram app on your Android or iOS smartphone.


Tap the ‘+’ icon at the top of the page and tap the Story option.


Tap one of the arrow icons on the left side of the screen.


From the menu, tap on the Layout option under Boomerang.


The option will display a grid with 4 sections by default. You can change the collage size by changing the Edit Grid option.


Once you have selected the grid size, you will be able to see the camera window in the first part of the grid. You can either click on a photo or upload a photo from your gallery from this section.


After selecting a photo for the first section of the grid, you will spot similar sections in subsequent sections one by one.


Once you’ve filled in all the sections of the grid, tap the checkmark icon at the bottom of the screen.


Now edit the story like any other Instagram story and share it as your story or with close friends.


Jack C. Nugent