How to Extract and Copy Text from Photo on PC 2022 Tip

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Check How to Extract and Copy Text from Photo on PC

Extracting text from photos is more difficult, but not impossible, than extracting text from articles, emails, tweets, conversations, blogs, and web pages. Texts (words, characters and numbers) in images (magazines, document scans, screenshots, memes, posters, graphics, photos, etc.) can be transformed into texts that can be reproduced, shared and translated in other other languages ​​using Optics. Character recognition technology (OR).

While you don’t need to extract text from an image on a regular basis, if you need to copy text from a photo in Microsoft Office, capture text from an error message into a pop-up window or to extract text from a window when you cannot choose texts, use one of the techniques listed below.

How to copy text from an image in Windows 10

1. Use of the browser plug-in

If you are browsing the internet with Google Chrome or UC Browser and want to extract text from an image on a web page, you can use a third-party plugin called project naphtha.

On the Project Naptha page of the Chrome Web Store, click the “Add to Chrome” button to add the extension to your Chrome or UC browser.

By adding the Project Naptha extension to your browser, click and drag your cursor over text in images on any web page. Right-click on the selected text and copy the text, translate it to another language or search on Google.

2. Online OCR Websites

If the image you want to extract text from is saved on your PC, you can use one of the many online OCR websites to do the job. These OCR websites allow you to upload files from your local storage and convert the content to text. Interestingly, these OCR websites are free and allow users to convert the extracted text into a plain text (.txt) file, Microsoft Word (.docx) and Excel (.xlsx) documents.

A reliable and effective OCR website is Visit this website in your browser, click “Choose the folder” to download the image. Once the download is successful, click “Change to” to extract the text from the image Wait a few seconds and the extracted texts will be available in the box provided. A link will also be provided to download the extracted text in the format you selected.

3. Third party software

There are OCR programs that you can install on your PC that allow you to extract text from images. However, unless you occasionally copy text from images, installing OCR software seems pointless. Also, most OCR programs are not free and can take a heavy toll on your PC’s CPU. Some examples of OCR software compatible with the Windows operating system include Easy Onscreen OCR and Snagit.

Final Words: How to Extract and Copy Text from Photo on PC

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