How to create a photo wall collage

A wall collage or gallery wall is a great way to display your favorite photos and memories in your home. It might sound intimidating, but if you follow a few simple tips and tricks, you’ll have a professional looking focal wall in no time.

Start with a theme.
Wall collages appear tighter and more cohesive when the elements come together around a unifying theme. Whether it’s a family vacation, nature photos, or a special event like a wedding, pick a topic to organize your photos and stick to it.

Use quality photos.
While taking photos with your phone is handy, once you enlarge and print them, those images will not be of sufficient quality to display as works of art. For top-notch photos that look fantastic in print, try a Canon camera. Available from Henry’s, the brand offers a range of cameras for all skill levels that give you more control over lighting, autofocus and creative possibilities.

It’s all about the lines.
What’s the secret to a clean, Pinterest-worthy wall collage? Make sure your frames or canvases share similar lines in the space. Imagine a grid crossing the space, with different rooms sharing a few grid lines. For example, the outside edge of the frame in the lower left corner should line up with the inside edge of the wooden letter in the upper left corner.

Mix the aesthetics.
Variety is appealing to the eye, so it’s important to incorporate some diversity into your collage, whether it’s a standout piece like a set of woods, quotes on wood blocks, or a range of frame sizes. If you want to stick to photos only, be sure to blend them together to create visual interest and keep the eye engaged.

Test your layout.
Practice the “measure twice, cut once” rule, but to hang. Start by experimenting with a few floor layout options before you even think about hammering a nail. Play with it, snap photos, and take a day or two to sit on it. You can even try to outline your layout on the wall with painter’s tape. Once you’ve decided, a level is your best friend.

Jack C. Nugent