How to Convert Photo to PDF on Mac

Mac users who want to convert photo to PDF do not need to use any online tool or third-party software. The built-in preview app will do the job.

Mac users who want to convert image files to PDF do not need to use online tools or third-party PDF editors and can rely on the built-in Preview application instead. Preview is part of macOS and is the default app for opening images and PDFs on a Mac. Although the app may seem basic, Apple has added enough features to make it a complete editing tool for photos and PDFs.

There are several reasons why a user might need to convert an image to PDF. In some cases, a scanner or scanning application may have saved a document in JPEG format instead of PDF. In other cases, users can take a photo of a document with their phone, but will need to convert it to PDF if they submit an online form or application. Converting images to PDF can also make it easier to share a photo album, since a PDF file can have multiple pages. It also makes it easier to share photos via email, since a PDF file is smaller than a JPEG.


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One of the most useful features of Insight is the ability to convert photos to a range of image or PDF formats. To turn a photo into a PDF, open it with Preview. In the top menu bar, click Caseand then Export. Click on the Format drop-down menu and select PDF from the list. Edit the file name in the window if necessary, choose the destination to save the file, and click Save. The image will now be saved as a PDF. Preview also allows users to apply Quartz filters to a PDF file, which enhances it with colors or effects. For example, users can create a black and white PDF, increase or decrease the brightness, add a sepia, blue or gray tone, or even reduce the PDF file size. The latter is especially useful when converting a large image file to PDF. To add any of these effects, use the Quartz filter drop-down when exporting an image to PDF in Preview.

Batch convert images to PDF

View PDF on Mac

Preview also allows users to batch convert images to PDF, as long as they are all in the same format. For example, all images will need to be JPEG or PNG files for this method to work. To batch convert images, hold down the Command key, select all the images that need to be converted, and open them in Preview. They must open in a single window. Click on the To see button at the top of the window and on Thumbnails. Select all the thumbnails (use the Command + A shortcut), click Caseand then Export selected images. In the window that opens, click Choice. To select PDF as the format option, then press Choose. The images will be saved as individual PDF files in the selected location.

Besides converting files, Preview also offers several tools for editing PDFs. Among these is the ability to fill out PDF forms and annotate them with a signature. Text can be added and formatted by highlighting, underlining or striking out. Users can also combine multiple PDFs into one, split a PDF into different files, or delete pages from a PDF document. It is also possible to add a password to a PDF or compress its file size. With so many built-in features available, most Mac users may not even need to download third-party PDF software like Adobe Acrobat.

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