Head and Heart, Priscilla Block and More: Photo Recaps

Orchestral power, indie-folk charm, country crooning, seductive electronic music, rock/pop zest and mummified funk: all on screen last week and recap at Local Spins.

‘Another Story’: The Head and The Heart told several on Saturday. (Photo/Anthony Norkus)

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Lest a casual sampler of classical music consider it an unchanging, unchanging genre of centuries past, this weekend’s performances by the Grand Rapids Symphony at DeVos Performance Hall proved otherwise.

Led by Carlos Miguel Prieto, the concerts featuring compositions by 20th-century Mexican composers Silvestre Revueltas, Gabriela Ortiz and Arturo Marquez (as well as a striking rendition of Stravinsky’s iconic “Petrushka”) exuded an adventurous and repulsive milieu. the limits, much like contemporary jazz – a music bristling with complex rhythms, splendid dynamics, striking effects and world music textures drawing on Mexican, Cuban and other influences.

intriguing: Grand Rapids Symphony on Friday. (Photo/local tours)

As Prieto said, “mixing cultures makes the world go round”.

The concerts also featured a poignant and silent tribute to the late Bill Vits, the Symphony Orchestra’s principal percussionist who died last week after a battle with cancer. A solitary drum and a bouquet of flowers adorned the front of the stage.

Still, Friday’s concert was sparsely attended, which those in attendance noted. “Pretty few people in there,” I heard one viewer say to another. “Yes, it’s sad,” he replied.

Admittedly, the scheduled guest artist, renowned saxophonist Timothy McAllister, was forced to cancel his appearance at the 11th hour after contracting COVID, which likely diminished attendance.

Yet the enormous talent assembled on stage – and the beautifully crafted music these musicians have produced – deserves better.

Silent Tribute to Bill Vits

Meanwhile, just down the street at GLC Live at 20 Monroe, indie-folk’s The Head and The Heart drew a strong turnout of over 1,500 fans for a Saturday benefit concert to raise funds. for the Hope Network Foundation and the work of Hope Network.

With American/indie-rock band Brother Elsey from Grand Rapids opening the show, The Head and The Heart unveiled their favorites – from “Lost in My Mind” to “Rivers and Roads” (which closed the encore) – in as part of the band’s Seattle “Every Shade of Blue” tour.

And Elevation inside The Intersection in Grand Rapids was packed for a sold-out show Saturday by up-and-coming country singer Priscilla Block, which followed Nashville’s usual fun-filled night out. Here come the mummies on site Friday.

Elsewhere, the West Michigan Live Music Week included a tour stop at the Grand Rapids Listening Room by Northern Michigan May Erlewine with the guitarist Antoine de Costaand a varied Friday night show at the Pyramid Scheme featuring the electronic duo pink skyindie-pop/rock Jodi lipstick and guitarist Steve Leaf.

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PHOTO GALLERY: Head and Heart, Brother Elsey at GLC Live at 20 Monroe
Photos by Anthony Norkus

PHOTO GALLERY: Priscilla Block at Elevation inside the intersection
Photos by Eric Stoike

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