GRID Legends adds photo mode via free update

Today EA announced that GRID Legends has received an update that adds photo mode to the game, allowing people to stop the action and take car photos.

There are other general game improvements that have been made via this update, but the photo mode is definitely the biggest selling point of the free patch.

New to the GRID franchise, Photo Mode lets players jump in and quickly take great in-game photos. The feature gives virtual photographers a wide range of options to adjust and fine-tune settings to capture some of the the most exciting in the game. Photo Mode is available in a wide variety of GRID Legends game modes, including Race Creator, allowing players to take truly unique photos.

The fan-favorite feature is available to all players starting today, and to celebrate the occasion, GRID Legends has teamed up with multiple partners such as Porsche, Fordzilla, The London Eye, Xite and many more to present the first GRID Legends Photo Mode Challenge. . A new challenge will be introduced every two days asking players to take great photos of iconic cars, liveries and locations and share them using the hashtag #GRIDLegendsVP. The best images will be shared on the GRID Legend website and potentially added into the game.

Chris White rated Grid Legends 8.5/10 in his review, saying, “Regardless of the run, GRID Legends is amazing to play. From start to finish, the thrills never stop. It welcomes newcomers with its arcade racing style and offers plenty of variables in settings for hardcore racers. Driven to Glory is a great addition if a bit obvious. Career mode offers many opportunities to progress and earn coins to buy new cars. The Race Creator has some legs, but it might not appeal to those who like to add turns, ramps and straights in specific positions instead of pre-selected tracks. It’s a beautiful, sleek race car that many will spend tons of hours gazing at and having fun driving loads of vehicles.”

Grid Legends is available now for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S|X and PC.

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Jack C. Nugent