Google Messages is testing a new photo picker

An important aspect of messaging apps is the ability to easily import photos and videos into your messages. This is something Google is working on, as Google Messages is testing a new photo picker. This will make the interface much more user-friendly for people importing images.

This change was seen in September, but we have a new leak of it, and it’s nice. According to 9To5Google, the new photo picker will have a slightly different interface.

Currently, when you hit the import media button on Google Messages, you’ll see a grid of your most recent photos, with the leftmost square being a viewfinder for the camera. It allows you to quickly take a new image to send in a message.

Next to that, you’ll see a carousel of your most recent photos and videos on your phone. This makes it easier and faster to find and send an image.

The new Google Messages photo picker will bring some slight changes

When you invoke the new Google Messages photo picker, you’ll always see the leftmost block as your crosshairs. However, instead of scrolling horizontally, you’ll see the grid scroll vertically with the new update. Also, the viewfinder, as well as the grid of your most recent photos, will be a bit smaller. This will allow you to see more images on the screen at the same time.

Another notable feature is the addition of the folders button. It’ll appear right next to the viewfinder and let you browse your phone’s folders as another way to find the photo you want.

When you scroll down, the grid will show you 15 of your photos before you have to open the full gallery. That’s less than the 22 photos you can see with the current version.
At this point, we don’t know exactly when this update will hit the app. We will have to wait for an update from Google.

Jack C. Nugent